Spring cleaning tips and tricks

Most people do a good spring clean between March and June; this is because over the Autumn/Winter months we tend to neglect a lot of house hold chores due to the cold and shorter days. Spring cleaning at least once a year is a good way of de-cluttering and removing dust that piles on during the winter when we tend to stay home more. When cleaning, there are many places we seem to miss out but by doing it occasionally you can keep your home cleaner for longer.

Spring cleaning tips and tricks

  • There are always people who advertise their window cleaning services, have it done at least twice a year to keep windows gleaming and dirt free.
  • Clean the tops of the kitchen cupboards first before doing the floors and work surfaces; put some newspaper or paper to reduce the stickiness that will build up over time due to cooking.
  • Have separate cleaning cloths for everything: windows, furniture, work surfaces and cookers. Buy cheaper brands so you can throw them away after a few times of using to reduce germs and bacteria spreading.
  • Remove plinths in the kitchen and vacuum under it.
  • Hire a carpet cleaner and thoroughly clean at least once a year
  • Move furniture around and mop to remove fade marks and stains that form around furniture.


As time passes by, we get lazier to put things back in their place, so you will find that the dining table is housing all sorts of junk. When you come to look for that important bill to pay or want to check a statement you have no idea where to start. Try not to let yourself get into the habit of just piling things in the same place. Have a bookshelf for books and important documents. Don’t leave too much out on kitchen worktops because if they get too crowded, you will forget where you’ve put something when you really need it. Get into the habit of keeping everything together such as spices, tinned food, cereals and snacks; it makes life so much easier when they’re out of sight.

Keep the bedroom tidy by having a laundry hamper for dirty clothes and a basket for clean clothes. Encourage children to make their own beds and to put away everything after taking it out. Donate clothes to charity as much as you can to avoid ‘hoarding’ clothes you won’t wear again.