Squatters agency providing free information

If you wish to rent or buy a house you will need to contact an estate agent who can advise you of properties available or use the internet to search for homes that meet your criteria. It was only a matter of time until the same would be available for squatters. With squatters on the increase and forming groups that ‘watch’ houses more and more places are setting up agencies that provide information for free.

There are many agencies that are marketing empty homes to squatters for them to ‘choose’ from for free and help to break into the property for a small fee. It is known that many young students from all over the world have come to England with the intention of squatting as it is legal, yes you read right, it is legal to squat in England and Wales.

It is strange as many of the houses that are vacant are in affluent areas where middle class owners are a target. On a regular basis million pound homes have been ‘watched’ and taken over. Guy Ritchie recently had his multimillion pound home taken over by squatters until they ‘peacefully’ moved on a month later. Having squatters take over a property can be extremely time consuming and heartbreaking as many empty properties have just had renovations carried out or are in the process of being renovated.

A father of two recently told of his anguish when he purchased a £1 million pound house which was then taken over by squatters because he chose not to move in right away and carry out renovations first. This is extremely popular where homeowners delay moving in, in the attempt to decorate and carry out some remedial works first. If you have young children this may be an option to you but with squatters continuously targeting empty properties you may want to think twice and move in straight away.

If you can prevent your home from being taken over from squatters you should, if you were to take legal action you would need to cover the costs yourself but squatters on the other hand are eligible for legal aid if they are from and EU state. It is also unfair as in Scotland it is illegal to squat and the home owner has the right to remove you or call the police to take you away. If you are worried about squatters taking over your home then read up on how to prevent them from taking over by reading this article.