St Albans City campus parking

I have recently started an evening course at Oaklands College, St Albans City campus. Although all students get free bus travel to and from college it is a little inconvenient for me as they do not run often. As I am already a car driver I find it easier to just drive but then I need to find parking. I recently did a test run to St Albans City campus so I know where I’m going as I’ve never been before. I also made sure I knew of a few places to park.

Parking St Albans City campus
Well as my course starts at 7pm it shouldn’t be too much of a problem so I called up the college and they said that I could use the pay and display car park on site if there was room, they said they didn’t know about the off road parking nearby. Well you can park for free after 6.30pm on Bricket Road and the nearby roads, the campus car park costs £1.20 for 4 hours and whilst I understand that it is a bargain I don’t like having to pay for a service that I won’t need for the duration, I only need parking for 2 hours.

Well St Peters Road is the road that the college is situated on; the day that I went for my test run I stupidly forgot to check if I could park there. Well the first day that my course started I found that it was fine to park there are 6pm every evening. So lucky for me I do not need to pay £1.20 when the road opposite is perfectly fine.

So I’m glad I didn’t listen to the people at Oaklands when they said to use the car park because over the duration of my course Oaklands would pocket nearly £50 in parking alone! I would like to point out that many people do park on the campus car park and it does get full up pretty quick, strange I know. Saying this St Peter’s Road also gets full but there are many other roads that are fine to park on after 6-6.30 pm.

So for all you evening students out there that need to park near St Albans City campus, save yourself some money and time by parking close by without having to spend a penny!