Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Review

A few weeks ago I saw an advert about the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, as I bought the first and was very impressed I really wanted to purchase the second one as well. After Super Mario Galaxy 1 I bought New Super Mario Bros and reached the last level. I have been stuck on this level for over 3 months now and it’s just getting silly. I couldn’t resist and went online to find a walkthrough of the last level; I can’t believe how easy it looks, so why have I been struggling for 3 months? So getting back to Super Mario Galaxy 2 I decided to pre-order it because I wanted to get it before anyone else. It arrived one day before the official release date!

I purchased Super Mario Galaxy 2 through Game and got it at a reduced rate and with a Limited Edition Super Mario tin money box. Although I won’t actually use it I can give it to my nephew and it was the game that I really wanted.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 has exceeded my expectations, the first one was fantastic and flawless so I couldn’t even imagine how they could make it better, but they did. The graphics are exceptional and the levels are even more exhilarating. The only thing I have noticed is that it seems a little too easy; within an hour I had already completed the first level (world). Saying that it is aimed for the younger market and I am much older than most of the teenagers who will go out and buy it. The game itself costs around £40 buy you can get it cheaper if you shop around, it seems expensive but it is well worth it.

All Mario games also retain their value so if you finish it and trade it in you can still get enough money off another game you want to purchase. To be honest Mari is such a lovely game to play that you can play it again and again. When you finish the game you can always go back and collect all the things you missed like coins, medals and question marks.

If you have played Super Mario Galaxy then do not hesitate in purchasing the second one it is just as fun and the graphics are superb. It not only appeals to youngsters but adults can also have a fun time trying to conquer levels and beat the monsters. It truly is a fantastic game to play with no faults or any need for improvements.