Tan contouring – How to get the perfect body

With many people accepting defeat when trying to achieve the perfect body, some have discovered a revolutionary cheap, pain free and non surgical way to cheat. What is this new effect everyone is talking about? Tan contouring of course! So far fake tan is safe and not damaging to the skin compared to the use of sunbeds.

What is tan contouring?

Tan contouring is a way of creating curves or appearing thinner by using fake tan. A therapist will down and discuss what you would like to create the illusion of. Using this she will then help you create the perfect body without going to the gym or dieting. To make your tan last longer, exfoliate before you go and don’t have a bath or swim for up to 12 hours after the tan has taken place.

Currently this method can be applied to nearly all parts of the body, so here we discuss the most common tan contouring areas:

  • Abs – you can create the look of abs by clever tan contouring like celebrity followers such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton
  • Arms – you can look like you have thinner arms by looking like you have shaved inches off through body contouring
  • Legs – this is a favourite for people who have so called ‘cankles’ calves that join the ankles. This can be quite embarrassing as you may not be able to wear your favourite strappy sandals and shoes. Ankle contouring can make you feel confident about wearing your strappy sandals again.
  • Back – you can look like you have no love handles and a smooth fat free back by having tan contouring; it can also help achieve that smooth lean look
  • Bust – for those who are not blessed with a rounder fuller bust, tan contouring can make it look like you had a breast enhancement without ever going under the knife

Tan contouring is the cheapest, safest non surgical way of getting the perfect body. Of course this can be short term until you get the body you are aiming for but for some people this is the body they are stuck with forever.