Test driving a new car

If you find yourself at the test driving part of the car buying process, it means that you have already narrowed your car choices down and now have to see how they drive. Try not to test drive cars that you are not interested in as this how many dealers may trick you into buying things that you did not originally plan to.

Car dealers know that once you sit in an expensive car that appeals to you and drive it, you will come up with all sorts of justifications to actually buy the car. So, the best thing is to keep yourself out of such a situation and not test drive any car that you have not already selected which would fit well within your monthly budget too. Always remember that test drive insurance should be purchased if not already available. When you are test driving the car, go for the same conditions that the car will be put to normally. Put it on a nearby highway to test it out if this is what you are used to or look for some stop and go traffic if this what you are used to.

Check out all the safety features of the car such as horn, windshield wipers, headlights etc once you get inside the car. Many people get into unknown cars without getting accustomed to the important parts of the car and start fumbling with them right on the roads where such distractions are very dangerous.

Get in and out of the car a few times once you have parked it so as to check out the ease of doing so. Also, remember to check out the ease of getting in and out of the backseat (and front seat) especially if you have a family, to make sure that they will fit in comfortably.

For tall drivers, remember to check the driver’s seat and if it goes way back comfortably to accommodate your height.
A good idea is to take the car to a deserted parking lot and drive the vehicle around more thoroughly and aggressively than you would really do on the road but in a safe way. Also, keep the radio off so that you can hear any noise that may signal a problem with the vehicle.

These suggestions may help you get more acquainted with the car during your test drive and see if it is up to your expectations or not. If it is not, you can always broaden your choices but make sure that it is the best one once you are done with testing it.