The East Stanborough – Chinese Restaurant Review

For Valentine’s Day I decided I didn’t want to cook and suggested to my partner that we go out to eat. As we had just been to eat at an Indian restaurant we decided to have Chinese food but locally as we didn’t want to travel too far. I discovered The East a restaurant that makes food influenced China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. As this was a wider choice than the plain Chinese, Thai food we decided we should try it. The East is in an old pub house that has been updated for fine a la carte dining but it also has a licensed bar too. You can also get takeaway food and there is adequate parking. The East is located near Stanborough Park and has many good transport routes, I pre booked my table as I knew it would get busy and I’m glad I did.

Upon arrival at 6.30pm there were already a few couples and families with children, the decor are very in keeping with Chinese traditions and they really make an effort. There were fresh flowers on the table with a single candle and helium filled Valentine’s balloons. I ordered the Miso soup for starters and my partner had Won Ton soup. I’ve never had Miso soup before and really hated it, there was seaweed and tofu in it but it just didn’t go. The seaweed made the soup very bitter, my partners Won Ton soup with prawn was very delicious. When we asked for some hot chilli oil it was brought to us without a spoon, the waitress only noticed when we were nearly leaving!

I ordered Cantonese Roast Duck with some plain noodles and a portion of rice and my partner ordered The East sizzling special (lamb) with a portion of noodles. After the soup we had to wait nearly an hour before the main course was served and by this time we were getting very annoyed. The noodles and rice were not hot at this time, they were just about warm. The Roast Duck is supposed to be served on a bed of steamed vegetables but all there was were green leaves, no carrots or any steamed vegetables. When our food was served we had to wait nearly five minutes before we could alert a waiter that we had no cutlery!! The East sizzling special was very tasty but nothing exciting. One portion of noodles is enough for two people and the same goes for the rice. We ordered a third coke as two would’ve been too much but it was sent to the wrong table! After 10 minutes I had to remind them I was still waiting. I wouldn’t advise any fizzy drinks as it is diluted with water, after 30 minutes it’s tasteless.

How much it cost
They were in no hurry to serve us our main course but when we stopped eating they were eager to clear up after us! We had all the leftover food packed to go as there was so much of it; we then waited to order from the dessert menu. After 10 minutes I was fed up of waiting and got the bill, it was just under £50 at £48.50, £5 of this went on a service charge, and they didn’t do anything!!! I have been to restaurants where they actually serve you the food and accept this charge but at The East they were not very efficient. The meal was for two starters, two main courses, two portions of noodles and a portion of rice.

The Verdict
I understand it was Valentine’s Day and they were very busy but it was very ridiculous, waiting times are too long and they forget the basics like cutlery! I have been to other restaurants on Valentine’s Day and have not had problems with service! There was a couple that also waited an hour for the main course and as soon as they finished the had enough and just left! This was not a pleasant dining experience and I will not be advising it to my friends and family let alone visit another time. If you want a place of fine dining then this is not the place for you due to service but the food is not bad but nothing special either.