The new Magic Mirror for changing rooms

Although there is a massive decline in the amount of shoppers that buy clothes on the high street, most people are turning to the internet to buy everything online. This includes shoes, clothes and other accessories. There are many women who love nothing more than to spend all day going into all the different shops and trying on different outfits, but there is a small minority of people who find this task boring and uneasy. As most people work weekdays, the weekend is known to be busy and booming with shoppers looking for a bargain or enjoying a day out shopping. This is when many people try to avoid going out because of the crowd and the endless queues to try on outfits.

What if we could go shopping but not have to try anything on?

As a woman, I and many others will tell you how hard it is to wear something nice and be disgruntled having to take it off every five minutes to try on another outfit. Many people who go clothes shopping will try on the outfit they intend to buy, whether it’s to check the fitting or to see how it looks when worn. But if you are wearing an outfit that is hard to get in and out it does get annoying. In time you just don’t dress up anymore because of the hassle of trying things on.

Soon enough we will be able to go clothes shopping without trying anything on, instead of having to queue up, wait and then find you don’t like what you had waited so long to try on, a new system will be trialled over the next few months. ‘The Magic Mirror’ as it has been called is basically a large screen that scans your body; it determines your gender, size and shape. The automated computer software will then show a virtual rail of all the clothes that the shop has to offer in your size. All you do is stand facing the screen and touch what you would like your virtual ‘you’ to try on.

At this stage it is only 2D but in future as technology and investors improve you will be able to get a better image when they launch it in 3D. One of the reasons this has been decided is because of the rapid decrease in high street shoppers. High street fashion retailers are hoping to lure back customers by cutting changing room queues and making clothes shopping a joy not a chore.