The Retreat – Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City

After joining Gosling Sports Park gym membership it is very handy to see that The Retreat is located just next door to the female changing rooms. Offering a wide range of spa treatments, facials, nails and more for a very good price it is very tempting sometimes to walk past and not have a nosy at the specials board. Just outside The Retreat reception area they have a notice board telling of any special offers and discounted products.

Having a French Manicure at The Retreat – Gosling Sports Park

After booking a last minute holiday and cramming in hours of gym workouts I really needed a time that suited me to get my nails done before going on holiday. I popped into The Retreat to enquire, the basic file and polish for a French Manicure was £17.50. It is quite expensive but as it was my first experience there I decided to give it a chance.

I was taken to one of the treatment rooms and the nail technician used a couch for a table to place the products on. For £17.50 a manicure you would’ve thought they could have a proper room with a choice of colours and better lighting. The room is supposed to be for facials and skin corrective treatments as there was a microdermabrasion machine pushed into the corner. As I regularly do my own nails they had already been trimmed, filed and neatened. The nail technician did notice this and said she didn’t have to do much to prepare my nails for the Manicure.

As I chose my basecoat and nail tip colour I was shocked to notice how bad the bail technicians’ nails were. They were chipped, uneven lengths and with no polish! I do find it quite odd that a nail technician can do wonders on others but not take the time to do their own nails. I did ask her why her nails were in such bad shape and she just said that she is too lazy! I found it hard to listen to the advice she was giving me about keeping my nails healthy and long when hers were in such bad shape.

The French tip smile lines were done free hand, they weren’t very good, I probably do a better job and I’m not even qualified. The nail polish used was Jessica and I find that it doesn’t last very long! Having paid £17.50 for a poor manicure was very disappointing, I won’t be going back and I wouldn’t advice going there either.