Tidying up garden for winter

As winter is nearly over and the warmer sunnier days are now approaching I look at my garden and I’m happy that I prepared it for winter so I have nothing to do for the next few months. It has been 4 months since I last did any gardening and the thought of having to do it all again after so long makes me really lazy. So while I look out my window watching everyone complain and slave over their garden to prepare it for Spring I can relax and know that I did it all in the winter months.

How to tidy up garden for winter?

As the weather in England is very unpredictable I wasn’t sure when the weather would take a turn for the worst. So in September I bought seeds, bulbs and plants and did all my planting, most things can be planted September / October for it to flower in spring. As for the plants I bought flowers and shrubs that would survive the frost and snow and still bloom from spring right through to autumn.

I washed down the patio in October and removed all weeds from bedding; I cut the grass so it wouldn’t grow until April. I pruned the trees and roses and cleared out all dead plants and unwanted shrubs that I didn’t want to maintain.

The advantages of winter garden tidy up

Tidying up the garden in winter allowed me to spend time inside without having to worry about the plants in the garden. By planning ahead and buying all my seeds and bulbs in the autumn it also saves me from having to plant them in spring. Now that we are a few months away from Spring I can already see my Daffodils starting to grow. Whilst I can sit back and watch my garden flourish those who have neglected the garden last winter will have the boring task of tidying up the garden instead of spending time in the great outdoors. Since I last cut my grass in October it won’t need cutting for another couple of months at least. As all my shrubs, trees and flowers have been pruned I won’t need to do that until October as well.

It really does help to be organised and do the tedious little garden tasks that people seem to forget. By having a healthy happy garden it will also help to sell the house in the future if it has been well cared for. Once the initial things like planting have taken place you only need to remove weeds every now and again leaving you to sit back and enjoy the sunshine. It’ll also mean that when the weather improves and you want to hold an early Spring Barbeque you won’t have to spend hours clearing away your garden as it has been done well before hand.