TLC breast enhancement – non surgical breast enhancement

With so many different ways to get firmer and fuller breasts the competition for the best surgical or non-surgical way is still debateable. So if you had the chance to get a better fuller bust what procedure would you choose? Do you want to go under the knife or do you prefer the non-surgical approach? Lucky for you there is now a revolutionary way that you can get a fuller taunt bust without the need to have surgery.

TLC breast enhancement – non surgical breast enhancement

This is a new procedure that has been causing a storm in the world of plastic surgery, not only is I cheaper than a breast augmentation but has better recovery time and no scarring. How does it work? Intense pulsed light (IPL) is used on the bust area, it can increase bust size, make breasts firmer and also give a well needed lift.

This procedure works well for women who have had a baby, lost weight or as a result of age have lost the firmness and fullness of their breasts. The procedure is only 30 minutes long but a total of 6 sessions are needed for the results to be seen. A small device is motioned over the bust and micro-beam wavelengths are pulsed through to the nerves in the breast. As a result of this the nerves swell causing the breast to regain its firmness, as the collagen fibres start to tighten the skin will also lift therefore the breast will no longer sag. The procedure can be performed during your lunch break and no special bra or injections are needed to be administered.

TLC breast enhancement has already got many celebs talking in America and its set to do the same here in the UK. If however you want a dramatic new look and want much fuller breasts then TLC is not for you. This procedure can only give back what you lost not give you what you never had so if you have lost volume in the bust area TLC can help, if you never had a big bust and would like one a more invasive procedure would be needed.

At the moment the cost for this procedure is in the £1,500 range for 6 treatments, two a month for 3 months. Many plastic surgeons are sceptical about this procedure because no-one really knows of the long term success rate. There is a chance that the breast will lose its elasticity and sag again but for £1,500 for a non-invasive breast procedure it is a small price to pay for a procedure that could last years.