Travelling with a young child

Having a child should not stop you from enjoying the wonderful joy of travelling and enjoying some well deserved relaxation time abroad with your family. The biggest factor that affects many families deciding whether or not to go abroad is the expense of bringing a small child on holiday. A recent report has found that bring an infant under the age of two can sometimes cost more than the adult fare. Ryanair for example charges £20 each way for a child whilst it costs just £12 for an adult fare, if you book a child it costs less than the fare for an infant.

How much does it cost for a baby to go on holiday?
This is the most common question for families that have young children under the age of two. When you come to book a flight ticket you have two options for children infant under two years and Children under 16 years. The prices will vary greatly for the two, in most cases having an infant travel can cost more than the price of an adult fare, a child’s fare is usually the best option. If you book an infant (under two) on a flight then you must remember to check if they are entitled to any luggage allowance as many do not. A stroller or buggy in most cases will be allowed by a car seat may be an extra £20.

There is a way to get cheaper fares for infants with the first being to look out for promotions and to book early if possible. Another possibility is to book a child fare so they qualify for luggage allowance but then they will not be able to use the seat and you will have to place the child on your lap. Some airlines do allow you to get away with this whereas some will not so always call up and speak to a representative before booking your tickets.

It seems very unfair that young infants that are not allowed a seat of their own or any luggage allowance have to pay more than an adult fare whereas a child who no longer requires nappies or bottles gets free luggage allowance. There are a few baby friendly airlines around that will let you pay 10-25% of an adult plus let you take on a small luggage allowance to cover the needs of a young child, others will make you pay for pretty much everything.