Under 17 driving lessons

One of the most exiting experiences of being a teenager is being able to take driving lessons legally. With the UK laws stating you can only start taking lessons when you have a provisional licence many teenagers are forced to wait until they turn 17 to be able to drive. This is not necessarily true as teenagers as young as 14 can learn to drive, this is far too young and the appropriate age of 17 is a good time to start.

Leaning to drive before turning seventeen

There are many learner centres that also provide under 17 driving lessons but there are rules that prevent underages learners from having the full advantage of driving lessons.

  • You do not need a provisional licence
  • You cannot drive on a public highway
  • It is illegal to ask a parent or friend to supervise you on a public road
  • You can only drive on private land

If you are under 17 then why not ask your parents to get you a taster lesson for your birthday, they are an excellent way to see what the driving course entails. The benefits of learning to drive a year younger than the national requirement enables you to have an advantage over the other students your age. Whilst they are learning the basics of stopping, starting, clutch control and parking you are well on your way to passing in the minimum amount of lessons needed

Be warned that you still need an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) to teach you if you are under 17 and that lesson can be quite expensive. If you want to save then you could choose a group booking method that allows you to split the cost between a few friends but are still able to benefit from a real driving lesson.

Remember that when you turn 17 you will need to apply for a provisional driving licence that will enable you to take driving lessons on the open road.