Wallpaper Murals

children muralDo you want to add a touch of class and personalisation when decorating your home? The inexpensive and unique way is to buy a wallpaper mural. As we know, wallpaper can be purchased in any colour or design but by purchasing a specific design for just part of a wall you can really add a touch of luxury. Most people do not take the time to make their home unique and show this bit of individuality, so why not take the chance to do something amazing today

How to choose a wallpaper mural and where to place it?

forest muralThe first thing to think about when purchasing a wallpaper mural is quality, what is it printed on and whether you can return it should it not meet your expectations. When you have found a supplier that meets your requirements, then you can proceed to think about where you would like the mural to be. Some people have a striking mural across a feature wall like a chimney breast, some like to have a attractive mural near the dining area. I have even seen some who purchase corridor murals that stretch the whole corridor passage; you can even have a subtle one for the wall at the top of the stairs. It’s completely up to you to decide where to hand your mural and many of the suppliers have galleries so you can have an idea of what location suits it best.

Children’s wall murals

As we all know children can be quite demanding when they’re old enough to make decisions on how their room should be decorated. Why not purchase a ready-made mural that you just need to glue onto the wall? They are inexpensive and easy to apply and when the children grow out of it, you can always purchase another. Common kids’ mural are princesses, dinosaurs, spongebob, disney characters, underwater marine life etc.

Custom made murals

If you want that extra bit of luxury, then get a custom made mural designed for your home. If you have a favourite picture of you on holiday or a nature picture you took yourself, then have it made into a mural and display it proudly.

Remember you can also get freestanding murals that are affixed to hardback so they can be moved if you decide to change its location. This is also great if you don’t plan on living in the same house for long; also if you have a child’s mural you can give it away or take it with you without having to listen to a tantrum.