Washing machine repair by Hotpoint/Indesit – Review

Having purchased my washing machine in 2004 the 5 year parts and warranty had now expired as well as the 3 year warranty that you purchase when you buy it but my Hotpoint washing machine was playing up. I preferred to have a Hotpoint engineer come out to repair it rather than a cowboy who may have charge me more. I had a quick look on the website and it stated ‘fixed price repairs’ £74.98, when I called they said it would cost around £105, I said it was cheaper on the website and they said that it was from£74.98.

Cost of repair from Hotpoint
There are two options for payment when I called, the first was a one off fee of £105 but if the engineer found nothing wrong the money would not be refunded. The second option was 10 monthly payments of £16.49 totalling £164.90 if the engineer couldn’t repair the machine the money would be refunded. I went for the second option just in case it was something silly; the washing machine also gets a year’s cover when purchasing the second option.

Washing machine problem
The problem with my washing machine is that after the wash cycle it refuses to rinse and spin, I thought maybe I had overloaded the machine one too many times and the bearings had gone stopping the drum from spinning. The only way I could get the machine to work is to select half load where less water would be used and the drum would actually spin. The policy did say that if the machine couldn’t be repaired I would have been able to purchase one half the price through Hotpoint rather than full price on the high street. I was hoping this would not be the case as it was a very good washing machine that had given me no problems until now.

The repair
When the engineer came out he asked about the problem and checked the drum, all was fine so he tilt it forward to check the motor and drainage. You guessed it the filter was so clogged up that the water would not leave the drum. That’s why my washing machine would not spin because the water couldn’t penetrate the filter and had nowhere to go. I felt so silly that I have now got to pay £164.90 for a year’s unnecessary cover and all that was wrong was the filter got clogged up!

The engineer also told me not to use colour catcher or whitener as the paper casing clogs up the filter, I saw this also as he cleaned out my washing machine filter. He also said that all Hotpoint washing machines have a sensor and if the machine is not balanced it will not spin, the same applies of you only have one item to wash! I do think it was a rip off when I could have fixed the problem myself and I would advise others to check the internet before calling out an engineer. Chances are you can repair it yourself. Only attempt to repair it if the warranty has expired otherwise you may not be covered for tampering with it.