Waste removal options

Sometimes people can have too much rubbish that putting them in bin bags for the local council to take away is not practical. An example of this is when you are having a garden clearance and you have a lot of waste to throw away. Under such situations, you have 3 choices to get rid of the waste which are hiring a skip, using hippo bags or getting a waste removal company to come and take your rubbish.

Skip hire

builder skip

Depending on how much waste you’ve got and what type of rubbish needs to be thrown away, hiring a skip can be good value for money. The advantage of using a skip is that you can put in heavy items like concrete, rocks, soil, metals and big chunks of wood along with other stuff. A builder’s skip will cost you £192 at the cheapest rate for 8 cubic yard of waste. A lot of rubbish can go into that but the only problem is that you have to fill in the skip yourself and it can be time consuming as well as tiring.

Hippo Bags

hippo bag

Hippo bags are an alternative to skips and the main advantage is that you can throw in large bulky items in them. However they do not hold a lot of waste as they only come in two sizes; the MidiBag and the MegaBag. The biggest bag which is the MegaBag can hold upto 1.5 cubic yard of waste. You will need to purchase the bag at Wickes, Homebase or B&Q and it costs £11.64 for the biggest bag. Once your hippobag is filled, you can request a collection and you will have to pay £69.50 for it. These bags are ideal if you do not have lots of waste but have heavy rubbish.

Waste removal company

rubbish removal van

Waste removal companies can come in handy if you do not want to dirty your hands and want your rubbish gone quickly. At least two men will come in a big van to help clear out your waste and things should be sorted the same day in most cases. The cheapest you can pay is £136 for 8 cubic yard of waste but they might charge you more for bulky items. So if you have general waste, then this is ideal as you pay a really good price to get rid of your rubbish quickly.


Choosing the best type of waste removal depends on what sort of rubbish you have. I’ve used all three methods described above and they all were good for the type of waste I wanted to throw away. Many companies will recycle your waste nowadays which is a good thing. You may want to dispose of your hazardous waste and electrical items at a waste recycling facility as these are charged separately from general rubbish clearance.