Weddings abroad cheaper?

As it stands the cheapest wedding package in the UK is around £20,000 the wedding dress, grooms outfit, bridesmaid’s clothes and venue costs can add to the cost of even an average small wedding. As there are many places such as Asda, Tesco and even Marks and Spencer’s who cater for weddings you would think that they would be cheaper but every bride wants to look their best on their big day. No wedding is complete without a honeymoon and unfortunately exotic locations such as Maldives, Thailand and the Caribbean may be out of many newly married couples budget so they are forced to honeymoon in Europe in places such as France, Spain and Portugal.

Weddings abroad have become increasingly popular within the last 5 years, as many couples try to save money for a deposit on a house as well as the soaring costs of getting married going abroad and combining it with your honeymoon may seem like a better deal. Travel agents such as Thomas Cook and Thompson have been catering for holidays for years with expert knowledge and attention to detail all for less than what you get in the UK. So what happens when it all goes wrong?

Getting married abroad will mean you will need a wedding planner or organiser especially if it is abroad in a foreign country where language may cause communication problems. You tell them exactly what you need and the food, cake, venue and photographer are all arrange for you hassle free. But as marrying abroad becomes increasingly popular many travel agents are struggling to cope with these demands and many weddings have destroyed as a result of this.

If you were to marry here in the UK and your wedding planner let you down you could ask your friends and family to rally round and help you organise it, but in a foreign country where communication is a problem and lack of information is hard to find who do you turn to? You can take out wedding insurance that will also cover your wedding abroad but be sure to read all the small print as you may find that some things such as accommodation is not covered abroad.

So yes in theory you can get married abroad for less than what you pay in the UK but the standards we have compared to abroad may not be the same and you may be left disappointed in the service provided for your wedding. You may also be the unlucky few who have their wedding day completely destroyed.