Weedol Review

After noticing many different stubborn weeds appearing in the cracks of my patio I decided to dig them out individually. After that failed my only other solution was to buy a weed killer that killed the weed along with the roots. As I have many pets I was reluctant at first to resort to such extreme measures, but after much research and reading reviews I decided to try Weedol Max weed killer.

Weedol Max weed killer is very hard to miss in the shops, it comes in a red bottle whereas most of teh others are in a green or white bottle. At £5 a bottle it isn’t cheap but it promises to kill other things as well such as algae and moss. It says on the bottle that children and animals will be safe after the area has been treated. I did find the spray to be quite toxic so I had to lock my pets indoor for awhile, the bottle promises to work in as little as 10 minutes or a maximum of an hour. I did notice a small difference on the weeds I targeted as they began to wilt and change colour but they were pretty much ineffective at the larger and more established weeds such as those dandelions that grow on lawn areas. Also they all came back within a matter of weeks which was extremely disappointing as the 1 litre bottle only allows me to do two applications as I have a large garden. I know they have the larger spray pack but it costs around £20 so I wanted to try the smaller first and I’m glad I did.

Weedol Max just isn’t worth the price tag and the product really reeks I know it’s supposed to be made from plant extract but it still made my chest feel tight (I’m an asthma sufferer). I have tried cheaper weed killers and they did not work but after trying Weedol I’m even more convince3d that weed killers do not work. The best thing to do is pull them out with the roots and unfortunately if you want an immaculate garden this should be done on a regular basis, the plus side to this is you get a good work out from getting down and dirty in the garden.

If I have to use a weed killer then I would do some research and make my own at least then I wouldn’t have to fork out so much money for unce4rtain results and it’ll be cheaper too.