Welhat alternative waste collection

As a resident of Welhat I was a little surprised when at the beginning of the year a leaflet through my door advised of some new changes to the refuse and recycling collections. I had never heard of the council’s decision to change the collection service and cannot remember if I was even consulted prior to the change going through. Instead of coming on a weekly basis it will be alternate weeks instead, so one week household waste and the next brown bins and recycling.

How will welhat’s refuse and recycling affect you?
At the beginning of March a new black bin for refuse and a black bin with a blue lid for recycling were delivered to all the houses on my street. Later that day a leaflet was posted explaining the change in waste collection and that household waste would be collected every other week or twice a month! I initially thought it was a mistake but found out that all the residents will be forced to recycle everything that will be thrown out. Before we were able to put cardboard and food waste in the brown bin but now we can recycle junk mail, glass, plastic and everything else in the new blue lidded bins.

Even with the new bins I will struggle to recycle all waste, we currently have two bags of rubbish a week and with a new baby on the way, dirty nappies will add at least one more! So even if I manage to bring my household waste to two bags a week I will still have to make an extra trip a month to dump my rubbish in a recycling centre. The new bins are slimmer than the brown and blue lidded bins; they only hold 3 black bins! So in a month I can only chuck out 6 bags whereas the minimum I can bring it down to is 8!

One of the worries I have about this silly change is that those who rely heavily on take away meals and an easy life will not do their share of recycling so will end up fly tipping all over the county. I don’t see many people who cannot recycle all their waste going to the recycling centre to get rid of it as after a while it will become a nuisance.

I understand we need to do more to recycle but I haven’t received a sticker to put on my bin like I did with the brown bin advising me of what I can and can’t put in it. I hope this new change doesn’t become much of a hindrance but I suspect that when its winter many people will start to fall behind in recycling as they well be too cold to even open up the door to sort out their rubbish.