What you need to know when visiting Mauritius

If you are thinking of paying a short visit to Mauritius, there are certain things that you have to know about the island such as airport facilities, diseases, visas, vaccination facilities amongst others for your own benefit.

When people visit Mauritius, they want to set out for the touristic places such as Grand Baie, Flic en Flac, Port Louis, Mahebourg or Belle Mare but have no idea about the time it takes to get to these places. As from the airport, Mahebourg is 20 minutes away, Port Louis and Flic en Flac 1.5hours away while Grand Bay is about 2hours away. It is advised of tourists to get some money changed at the counters right at the airport once they have landed which may come in handy if they need money and there are no available counters in the surroundings.

Before leaving Mauritius, you may have to pay a tax of Rs 500 in Mauritian rupees and have your flight confirmed three days before you actually leave; these are not meant to make your stay on the island cumbersome at all, but are some guidelines for you to have safe holidays and be informed of the situation before leaving. If you are wondering of how to travel around Mauritius, feel free to go for a car. There are many car rental agencies in Mauritius but most of them require that you book with them at least one week beforehand; so make some research about car types in Mauritius and contact them if need be for your booking.

However, due to high import tax on cars to Mauritius, driving a car can cost some money. Just like in the British system, driving is on the right hand side of the road; diesel and unleaded petrol (which are slightly less expensive as compared to European standards) are used in the cars. One of the many advantages of visiting Mauritius is that it is relatively disease free thanks to a lot of extensive work and determination from its government; there are no potential diseases like yellow fever, cholera et. So a vaccination is not needed before departure.

Moreover, the health care system of Mauritius is very competent and free of charge. If you get sick during your stay, you can always check in a hospital closest to you for quick treatment. There are also a number of payable clinics set in elegant environments and offering world class service. The choice is up to you if it so happens that you need medical care during your stay.