Wickes kitchen review – Waltham Cross

As I have recently done my kitchen my mum was so impressed at ho something so simple could transform the home she decided to do hers too. My mum has been extremely lucky in some ways as she has never had to do a kitchen before in her life. I offered to help her choose one and plan it all as I had recently been through it myself so off the journey that would soon turn into a nightmare began.

Finding Wickes kitchens
As I had already advised my mum against Homebase kitchens she looked into getting a B&Q kitchen instead. She had made an appointment and I was there with her, we went a little earlier to check out the whole kitchen range. It was very disappointing and massively overpriced, as we contemplated if we should stay or go when I looked at the carcasses I knew B&Q wasn’t for her. We proceeded to Wickes and looked at all the kitchen ranges in Waltham Cross. When my mum found the kitchen she liked we made an appointment for the following week. We went home and double checked all the measurements and other kitchen companies.

Wickes kitchen designer

We were greeted by Andy the kitchen designer who thanked us for making a wonderful choice; he then said straight away that he had a Wickes kitchen and that he had sold 10 alone this week!  He then made the kitchen plan and we then started to choose accessories such as door handles sink and tap. I’m so glad I was there with my mum as he tried to make her buy a £250 sink excluding taps! There was nothing special about the sink and we declined, the taps were also overpriced so we decided to purchase it separately. The cost of the kitchen rose to £4,500 and my mum got a free dishwasher for spending over £3,500. As I looked at all the costs the appliances alone were costing over £2,000! I went onto Curry’s, Comet and even Dixons to find the appliances cheaper, we purchased them separately saving my mum over £800.

There is a design flaw with Wickes kitchens as all cheap DIY store kitchens do. The corner cabinet doesn’t allow one of the handles to stick out as the doors have been badly designed. It’s truly a shame that there were also some fitting problems due to poor workmanship. As we got an experienced carpenter to fit the kitchen he truly did a good job where you can’t notice all the imperfections.

If you are looking to buy a Wickes kitchen I would only advise them for rental properties, and to buy appliances separately. Also be careful of Andy as he just wants to make a sale to claim commission and doesn’t really care about anything else. I would also never advise a woman to go alone as these sales people can be very persuading and persistent.

I would like to add that ideally we all want a luxurious kitchen where no expense is spared but in the current climate where no one stays in the same house for more than 5 years it was silly to buy a Moben kitchen at the cost of £10,000+. If my mum had a lovely country home in the countryside where the style and cost would be appreciated then that’s what she would’ve gone for. At the end of the day you only buy what you need and all my mum needed was a hob she could cook on a some extra worktop space.