Willows farm Review

We all know how hard the school holidays are, kids need entertaining and in most cases that costs money. Whether it’s some more toys, new games for the Wii or a day out, whatever you decide to do it will cost you. Many families nowadays have to work most of the time including during school holidays so when they manage to get time off for the holidays most will take the time to go out for the day usually to a farm or park. Unfortunately most places charge for entry these days but on top of that you may need to fork out extra for other games and activities whilst inside. Food is also a big expense as most places charge silly money for a small plate of chips.

Willows farm
We recently went to Willows farm before the weather decided to act up, it was a lovely sunny day when my partner and I decided we should go for it. We took along our four month old daughter as we thought it would be a nice family day out. First of all entry for adults cost £12.50 and children over two cost £13.50, a day trip for a family of four costs a whopping £77! Then when you get to the entrance there are signs for ‘animal feed’, although it costs a mere 50p for a small cup you may be tempted to buy more than one cup each as there are many animals that need feeding.

As you enter there is a small indoor farmyard favourites area with small animals such as piglets, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens etc, it’s fairly small and can get crowded at times. Be careful as most children have used up all their animal feed by this time. As you continue there are stables that consist of just two horses! It can get so busy that people are lining up just for a glimpse of them, there are various other animals that can be fed around the ‘farm’ such as cows, donkeys, goats sheep, reindeers and wallabies. What was disappointing is that young children couldn’t reach to feed most animals so it wasn’t much of a farm!

There is an abundance of children’s play areas such as swings, slides, ball games, trampolines and more but this was mostly for older children aged 5+, older children seemed to enjoy the so called farm but for younger children there wasn’t much to entertain them with. It is very commercialised and not at all like an actual farm.

I will not go back there and advise all families to steer clear there are far cheaper and real working farms out there that accept visitors for a small and reasonable fee. £77 for a family of four to visit what I can only describe as a park is just a rip off!