Working for Chase Farm Hospital, Histology review

Having worked for many different NHS hospitals, clinics, doctors’ surgeries and Trusts I was compelled to write about how I felt working for Chase Farm Hospital. Previous to applying to work for Chase Farm Hospital I worked for Salford Primary Care Trust in Manchester. The post I applied for at Chase Farm Hospital was working for the Histology Department in the Pathology department preparing MDT cases.

Upon arrival the Histology department had no signage I was lucky enough to bump into a porter who then directed me. The door to the offices were completely blank, after walking into the main reception (for pathology specimens) there were no signs to lead me to any departments, I just wandered along until I saw someone. I was called in 15 minutes after my interview time and it lasted 30 minutes. I then had a practical exam to make sure I could count and this involved sorting 5 digit numbers into numerical order. I was called back a few days later and offered the job, which I then accepted. The whole HR process was slow and I had to chase them several times, I started on the 28th of February so had a long way to go before getting paid.

On my first day I had my basic induction but even then basic things like breaks, lunch and annual leave procedures were not explained to me. For the second half of the day I was given very basic filing to do which was so repetitive and boring. All in all the job just consist of filing, filing and more filing, some input data, some detective work and chasing up results. After a week I was ready to go!

The manager for Histology just didn’t want to be there, I later found out that the only reason she got the job was because nobody else wanted and she was just given it. She can be very rude, abrupt and has absolutely no communication skills whatsoever. There was a lot of favouritism in this department and bullying, staff were not professional and did very poor work.

Some of the consultants were nice but a few were a little too over friendly and this was not helped by the young staff that were encouraging this. Management seemed to have no idea of the inappropriate behaviour between admin/lab staff with the consultants.

Overall Histology is the worst place to work ever, there is no praise for hard work that you do and no communication between managers and staff. Other departments were told to go home early for Christmas and New Year whilst Histology had to stay behind, I could understand this if there was work to be done, but there were no consultants there over this period!