Boost Trampoline Park Northampton Review

Kids are always hyperactive. We adults, we want to sit down on the sofa and watch a movie instead. Even if it a cartoon for the children’s sake, we don’t mind as long as we don’t have to move.

But you can’t be that selfish, can you. At some point, you got to give in and take them somewhere they can expend all this energy which they never seem to run out of. What could be more fun than trampolining?

I thought it would be quite cool to go there and do some jumping myself. I think charging £10 for an hour session is a bit much to be honest. I’ll happily pay £5 but I don’t think doubling this is justified. Plus you have to buy special socks which cost another £2.

Anyway, like I said before, I wanted to try it. So I booked through the website and there’s a waiver that you need to sign because it’s considered as a high risk activity. Under 18s need to have the waiver signed by a parent.

First impression did not look too good because the car park was crowded. It’s a very small car park so you have to get in there early. Once you’ve managed to get yourself a space, you need to check in. They’ll check your details, make sure you have signed the waiver and then give you a wristband. I think they use different colours for different booking duration (eg 1hr slot or 2hrs slot). Then you have to wait for a briefing which takes about 10 mins, from the time you go in, sit down and get out. Remember there’s a crowd with you so it’s not that fast. So you have to make sure you get to the site at least 20 mins before your session starts.

There are quite a few things to do there, once you’re on the trampoline park itself. You can jump on one trampoline square only (up/down) or jump from one square to the other (forward). I’m not used to jumping on trampolines, so the first time I was trying to jump felt really awkward. You have to get used to it, so take your time. You might see someone doing something which looks easy but if it is your first time, don’t try any skills unless you’re really sure.

You can climb up and jump down onto sponges. Although it doesn’t look too high, when you’re up and looking down, it kind of feel scary. So bear this in mind. There are places where you can bounce against the wall and then onto the sponges. It’s not as easy as it sounds; I tried it and sucked at it badly.

There’s also the rope ladder thing; honestly don’t try this unless you’re fit. Although I exercise regularly and I’m quite flexible, when you reach the top part, the whole thing becomes so unstable and if you’re not careful you will hurt yourself, like I did. The ladder flipped for me and during the movement of me going down, I didn’t let go of the rope, so my shin hit the wooden part of the ladder and I bruised badly. It’s not the company’s fault, it was mine because I should not have attempted something that was beyond my skill level. Even if something looks very easy, take it with a pinch of salt I’d say.

You also have places where you can jump up and down, places to bounce off and play basketball at the same time. There are quite a few things to do. I booked a 2hr slot but that was too much. After 15 mins on the trampoline, you can feel the heat rising up your body. Half an hour in and you feel you’re in a desert and need water badly (do remember to bring your drinks with you, if not there’s a shop there where you can purchase though or a vending machine). At 45 mins, you’re looking thinking to yourself when is it going to end. When your hour is up, you will feel so happy. Mind you that I jump non-stop when I was there, I don’t take much rest. I like to get my money’s worth.

All in all, it’s a good treat for the kids and maybe even you as an adult if you fancy burning a lot of calories while having fun but make sure you don’t end up binge eating at McDonald’s after the session as you’ll be really hungry.

I think the price is a bit dear for my liking. If it was cheaper, I’d probably make this a regular thing. Other than that, I did have fun even if I got injured!

Does car insurance really get cheaper with age?

According to Moneysupermarket motor monitor (June 2012), there is indeed a decrease in overall car premiums with age. While there has been a general decrease (about 5.1-6.8 percent) in car premiums over the years, the age group 20-24 have seen the slightest decrease while those aged between 24-29 years had the biggest drop in premiums. Ironically though, the premiums’ of those aged between 17-19 years dropped only by 2.7 percent while those aged 65 and above benefitted from a 14.5 percent drop.

Insurance companies seek out some information in relation to the risks of accidents and damage before coming up with the proper vehicle coverage such as age, gender (though based on the European legislation 2012, there can no longer be discrimination based on gender for vehicle cover), type of vehicle, area in which the person lives and drives. Basically the lower the risks of making claims, the lower the premiums.

The link with car insurance and age is the fact that young drivers tend to be more involved in car accidents, have their car damaged or stolen than mature drivers. Car insurers, to be on the safe side from giving out money, thus always put the youngsters on the red list. Also, because young ones have just started out driving, they still have to build the no claims bonus benefits.

Over time as the driver gets mature on the road, the car premiums also decrease. A 40 year old driver (with no claim history) will find his coverage less than that compared to a 25 year old driver while a 17 year old driver will find his premiums considerably higher than that of the 25 year old simply due to a lack of road experience. This is why the age group 65 and above has the lowest premiums simply because of experience.

One way for youngsters to reduce car premiums is to add an adult with no claims history to the insurance cover. Though not all insurance companies offer this incentive, it’s worth a try for those aged between 20-29 years. But in no case should the adult put his/her name as the main driver for the insurance cover; in case the insurer finds out if any claim is to be made, the company will not pay out and is considered legally as fraud.

Car finance for students

Many factors have to be considered before getting yourself a car if you are still a student. Youngsters who are still at school may want a new car for personal use but they may have a lot of difficulties in getting their loan approved. In order to avoid yourself stressed out, it is better to have all the necessary information before applying for your car finance loan.

The first factor to be considered is your credit history. If you have a good credit history and it is registered at your current address, then you are in the right position for your request to be approved. Students with a bad credit history do not really stand a chance of their loan being approved because lenders actually want to be sure that you can pay them back. But this can be tricky as well because not all banks offer this kind of option, so you need to find out which banks actually offer student car loan.

Most commonly students who opt for a used vehicle are more prone to get approval for their student’s loan, so you need to decide whether a used car will be fine by you or if you really need a new car. This does not mean that you cannot buy a new car, but if you really need one and you cannot afford your approval to be rejected, then most probably the best way for you is to get yourself a used car.

For your car finance loan you need to be having at least a part time job, and earning over £600 per month and having proof of your statement. For those who do not have a proper job or do not earn the amount required, basically the best option is to get a guarantor or have the car financed in one of your parents name.

You need to be having at least a 10 percent’ deposit and a full UK driving licence, and you are ready to go. But before taking such a decision, you should consider how much you are ready to spend on your car. Apart from paying back the loan, you will also need capital for your car insurance, fuel and car maintenance.

How to find cheap car rental companies

Europe offers a wide variety of vehicles for hire in its numerous airports since it is a common holiday destination. Whichever port, train station you may choose to get down from, you will be able to get a car for hire for your holidays. But, this wide range of car hire companies can prove to be a problem in itself in that it may become difficult to choose the best agency, with the best deals and getting the car most suited to your needs.

The car hire search engine that is offered here is very simple and direct so that you do not have to go around checking out various sites again. You can just input your details and a selection of vehicles will be offered to you; all the agencies are trust worthy and strategically located so as not to pose any pick up problems.

By entering your dates and location into the search engine, you will get a list of vehicles at relatively interesting prices through the database of car hiring agencies. Once you have made your choice, you can make your reservation and payment right online and when you get to the destination, the car will be waiting for you. No more paperwork to be involved in then, you can just get into your car and drive off.

One of the best ways to enjoy your holidays is to go for a car which can easily take you from one place to another. There are many places that are not accessible by common transport and so you really have to have your own means of transport for moving about and this where a private car can help you out. You might want to get a 4×4 if you are staying in remote places and where you will often go off the tracks for exploration; for this kind of activity a normal car would not be suitable and so you can get a better suited 4×4 from an agency. You can also get people carriers from an agency if you are travelling with your family so as to enjoy more space and make your holidays more comfortable.

You might want to get a luxury car for your holidays to get you around and there are numerous agencies specialising in hiring luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMW or Audi. You can pay a little extra and enjoy your holidays in the comfort of a posh car.
Once accommodation and flights have been confirmed, it is important to book a car as some models are very common and thus gone very soon while some agencies do not have many models of the same car.

Non UK residents may find it difficult in obtaining car insurance

Many car insurance companies will not grant insurance to non UK residents. In order to solve this problem, non UK residents should bring their cars with them from wherever they are from; they will be able to travel with their vehicles while keeping their original insurance policies from America, France or any other country of origin.

Other insurance agencies will continue to cover you up no matter which country you may be in as long as you are driving your car, but it is advised to check this out with the individual companies to see if it is applicable or if there must be some change in the current plan to remain covered in another country.

Most of the insurance agencies in the UK will not provide any insurance coverage to non residents be it for days, weeks, months or years. Non UK residents have to rent a car to get any car insurance for the whole time that they will be in the UK or stay without a car.

Getting an international driver’s license is another way to get car insurance in the UK. Having an American driver’s license does not mean that it will be recognised in all countries of the world where as an international driving license is easier to secure and can be used in most countries.
Sometimes, even if you have an international driving license, it can be difficult to get car insurance. If you want to buy a car in the UK, you will need insurance coverage to do so, however if you are getting a car from another country you may not have to change your current coverage.

In some cases, you may find coverage but they will be very expensive for non UK residents as compared to those who have been driving for some years within the UK. This is applicable to international drivers, drivers with licenses from their countries of origin and students who drive from time to time. The UK road laws are very strict regarding those who have not driven for long in the UK because driving is on the opposite side of the road in most European countries and as such insurance companies do not want to get involved in situations regarding negligence of this fact.

Increasing the security of your car through pay as you drive schemes

In South Africa, pay as you drive insurance is fast gaining grounds. It is becoming quite a common coverage for vehicle users as it reflects a fairer means of insurance to pay for each month with cost effectiveness not being its sole advantage.

Your car has a lot of chances of being stolen or being involved in a crash, so having as much security features as possible for your car is very beneficial to you. With pay per mile car insurance, you obtain additional security features in that there is the installation of a tracking device to your car when you agree to the policy; this will help the insurance agents to bill you according to the number of distance that you cover. This is also a great means for the agency to keep track of the distance that is being covered per month as well as adds to your security and that of the agency.

The tracking device is placed in an area of your car that is way impossible for any thief to locate and disable and if it happens that your car is stolen, it can be easily tracked down. This means that you will benefit from a lower insurance premium as the company can be assured that if the car is stolen, it will be retrieved. While this will definitely lower your risk profile, there are still some other risks that can be associated to a stolen vehicle. Thieves may damage the car when it is stolen, or take goods found in your car or remove parts off the vehicle; for this reason it is advised to install an immobilizer and a gear lock to reduce burglary risks. You may find that insuring your sound system or other goods in your car as a good idea.

There is still a small fee that you have to pay for in terms of burglary risks associated with your car so that the insurance agency will be covered if your car is stolen and they have to retrieve it. You also have to remember that sometimes the car cannot be located or it can be damaged beyond repair.
It can thus be seen that pay as you drive adds a lot of security features to your car. If you happen to be interested in pay as you drive insurance, you will see that agents of the South African insurance companies are very friendly and helpful and will help you in clearing out any ideas that are not clear to you regarding the insurance policy.

Protect the environment with pay as you go insurance

There is now a lot of awareness programmes regarding the environmental impacts of driving especially about the effects of carbon monoxide emissions and a wider audience is understanding the effects of careless driving down the roads. Nowadays, there are green drives to have fewer cars on the road which are more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Another reason as to why pay as you drive is getting more famous is that in the past people wanted to pay less when they drove less so as to save on their vehicle insurance costs. Today, though, it has come to the attention of environmentalists that pay as you drive is a better means of driving as it reduces gas emissions to the atmosphere and hence is better for the environment. But before going into environmental details, we will see how pay as you drive works.

The pay monthly car insurance is calculated on a cent per kilometre rate which is in turned based on some factors like age of the driver, driving history and the type of vehicle. There is a certain fixed fee that you must pay for every month and you are also given some kilometres to travel for free. Once you go beyond that fixed number of kilometres, you must pay for the extra distance covered. A tracker is installed in your vehicle by the insurance company so as to monitor the distance that you cover per month. The tracker can also be used to relocate your car if it is stolen which thus adds to the security of the vehicle.

The reason as to why environmentalists believe that pay as you drive is a better insurance coverage for cars is that it encourages drivers to drive less which then results in less carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere. When you know that you will be paying every time you drive, you will want to drive less to save on money or else go for public transport. Pay as you drive insurance is readily accepted by those concerned about the environment who would rather go for public transport then or use lift clubs. However, in many countries, even environmental conscious people have to pay for their insurance coverage on a monthly basis even though they are making the efforts to reduce gas emissions to the atmosphere as other people which may not look fair to them then. But if they are actually paying for the time that they are driving, it is a better deal for them.

As can be seen, there are many reasons as to why pay as you drive is a concept that is embraced by a lot of people. While it helps to protect the environment, it also causes those who drive less to save up on their insurance costs.

Things to know about the pay as you drive insurance

There is a wide array of insurance policies for a number of activities. Today, in South Africa, there is a new policy that is called pay as you drive which is calculated on a cent per kilometre rate.

With pay as you drive insurance, you pay for a fixed fee per month for insurance thus covering your vehicle up in case of theft, and pay for the number of kilometres that you cover per month. One of the advantages of using pay as you drive insurance is that you will only start to pay once you have gone beyond a certain amount of distance covered. This makes the insurance policy a great one for those who do not drive a lot and there are also different insurance packages with different distance roll deals. Some plans allow you to monitor the distance that you have covered during the first 2 months so that you can know if you are on the right kilometre track or not.

Through the installation of a tracking device in your car, the insurance company can know just how many kilometres you are covering per month. This device can also be used to track your car if it stolen by satellite navigation. While decreasing the recovery time to get your vehicle back, it also reduces your premiums as there are less risks of theft associated with the car. The device is installed in your car (very discretely so that it does not come to the attention of thieves who may then disable it) by a certified tracking company once you have agreed to the policy; your insurance agency will give you details of where and when to get the device installed.

The insurance premium and the set cent per kilometre rate are based on certain factors regarding your profile such as your age, driving record, address, gender and vehicle that you drive. Your final premium will depend on each of these factors which are all equally important.

Pay as you drive insurance is very common in the commercial industry as employers of businesses have a better control on employees using company cars. Their movements can be monitored through the insurance company’s website. Also, if employers are paying for their employees’ fuel, this device can help them to know in how much exactly they have to pay out.

Pay as you drive is a concept that is greatly supported by environmentalists as they believe that if drivers only pay when they have to drive, total carbon monoxide emissions to the atmosphere is reduced and so reducing the environmental problems on earth.

Test driving a new car

If you find yourself at the test driving part of the car buying process, it means that you have already narrowed your car choices down and now have to see how they drive. Try not to test drive cars that you are not interested in as this how many dealers may trick you into buying things that you did not originally plan to.

Car dealers know that once you sit in an expensive car that appeals to you and drive it, you will come up with all sorts of justifications to actually buy the car. So, the best thing is to keep yourself out of such a situation and not test drive any car that you have not already selected which would fit well within your monthly budget too. Always remember that test drive insurance should be purchased if not already available. When you are test driving the car, go for the same conditions that the car will be put to normally. Put it on a nearby highway to test it out if this is what you are used to or look for some stop and go traffic if this what you are used to.

Check out all the safety features of the car such as horn, windshield wipers, headlights etc once you get inside the car. Many people get into unknown cars without getting accustomed to the important parts of the car and start fumbling with them right on the roads where such distractions are very dangerous.

Get in and out of the car a few times once you have parked it so as to check out the ease of doing so. Also, remember to check out the ease of getting in and out of the backseat (and front seat) especially if you have a family, to make sure that they will fit in comfortably.

For tall drivers, remember to check the driver’s seat and if it goes way back comfortably to accommodate your height.
A good idea is to take the car to a deserted parking lot and drive the vehicle around more thoroughly and aggressively than you would really do on the road but in a safe way. Also, keep the radio off so that you can hear any noise that may signal a problem with the vehicle.

These suggestions may help you get more acquainted with the car during your test drive and see if it is up to your expectations or not. If it is not, you can always broaden your choices but make sure that it is the best one once you are done with testing it.

Renting car for the weekend

Think about this for a moment: it’s Friday, you are at work and getting all excited about your plans for the weekend. You do have something in mind but are not quite sure about it and then, just like that, something that should have been so obvious right from the beginning hits you. Of course weekend car rental! While you are rushing to your car, some friends call you along the way and enquire about the weekend plans and now together with a weekend car rental, you are heading for a road trip.

Next step is to call your local car rental agency and enquire about their rates. There are three types of car packages for weekend car rental. The first option is the one for people with a specific budget which includes a sedan of some sort and is not very expensive. Remember that weekend car insurance needs to be arranged if not already included. The next one is a hybrid car and this is where you have to decide as to what exactly you will be doing during the weekend. If you are going to the beach or the mountains, this may be the right car for you so as to save on gas mileage. The third option is a luxury car for you to spend your weekend in all glamour but it is highly not recommended if you are planning on enjoying some outdoor activities.

The luxury car would be ideal if you are heading to a grand party or conference; they are generally quite expensive but worth it. It all depends on what you are really looking for.

Getting back to the weekend plan, you and your best friend are on the doorstep of the rental agency now. Again the three options will be offered to you by the person at the front desk. Once you have chosen the one that fits you best, you will be asked about insurance coverage. Though your personal insurance may be good enough to cover this rental, you may want to get the extra coverage if you are going for a luxury car or have state minimum on your current coverage. You will then be asked about limited or unlimited mileage; you can then make your payment and drive away in your newly rented car for a perfect weekend.