Mauritius underwater activities

There are plenty of Mauritius excursions that will interest and for the sea lover, it can be a challenge to choose from the many things that are available. Here’s a list of what you can do:

Undersea walk
Indeed, this is a reality in Mauritius. Being one of the few places in the world that offers such an activity, a number of excursion operators can be contacted to enjoy a walk under the Indian Ocean. The walk is suitable for people as from 7years old and the ability to swim is not even necessary. To walk on the seafloor, a clear helmet, called an Aqua+ helmet, is placed on the shoulders covering only the head thus allowing visits of the underwater marine world of bright fishes and coral reefs; you may even get the chance to hand feed the fishes making this an opportunity not to miss when planning your holidays to Mauritius.

This brightly colored machine looks like the kind of gadget that James Bond would flaunt around in Mauritius. The subscooter, a hybrid of scooter and submarine, takes you 3 meters down for 30 minutes and allows you to pay a visit to ocean life. This excursion is chaperoned by expert guides and is suitable for non swimmers too. While you ride on the machine with your head covered with a plastic bubble, marine life is divulged to you.

Blue safari submarine
If you want to explore the underwater world around Mauritius but do not want to get all wet, the blue safari submarine trip is ideal for you. Sit back in a comfortable air conditioned room for an hour and enjoy the beauties of marine life all around you. The submarine takes you around up to depths of 30 meters where you can catch a glimpse of the wreck of the Star Hope and amazing coral reefs. This kind of excursion is proposed only in ten countries in the world, so if you are coming to Mauritius, take the time to check it out.

Given the rich marine life of brightly colored fishes and coral reefs around Mauritius, snorkeling is a very rewarding experience with most hotels loaning out snorkeling equipments. The best side of Mauritius for snorkeling is without a doubt in the south east in the blue bay marine park. Though Mauritius has a number of shallow lagoons that are easily accessible, they do not provide such interesting marine life.

Getting scuba certified is very easy as most of the luxury hotels in Mauritius propose scuba lessons. The north of the island is a very common place for scuba diving and it is used a lot by diving centers and hotels as practice area. More advanced divers can go for more adventurous dives around coral reefs, ship wrecks, pinnacle, Whale Rock or the submerged crater at Ile Ronde.

Mauritius thus proposes a wide range of underwater activities for all tastes but if it does happen that you get bored of the marine life, the island proposes a number of interesting land activities as well.

Provisional driver insurance

Insurance companies offer policies at quite high rates almost going over the top for those holding a provisional driving license and that they can barely afford.

Since drivers on a provisional driving license are more apt to be involved in dangerous accidents, many companies are not willing to offer them motor coverage and if they do, it tends to be very expensive. Nonetheless, quite a number of policies can be obtained such as the vehicle coverage for a 17 year old boy, complete policies or even third party schemes.

Most of the time, learners believe that once they are through the driving examination, the insurance value will go down, but unfortunately this is not the case as someone still under introspection can cause an accident as much as someone who has just been through the test.

Most insurance companies across the UK provide for cheap provisional insurance and within a broad range too. However, sometimes companies do not offer fair deals or even at fair rates to provisional driving license holders.

Cheap insurance policies are very difficult to find; they are either very costly or simply unavailable because of the high risk of accidents associated with these people. The insurance company normally checks out the documents and needs of the license holder if he/she was previously insured in the same company and then deals with the cost.

Provisional license holders tend to think that their overall insurance cost will decrease once they are through the test but this is not the case at all; the insurer considers someone who has just got his/her driving license just the same as someone who still holds a learner. The problem of a dangerous accident still remains and so insurance companies become reluctant to provide motor insurance to provisional driving license holders.

One month car insurance

It has become very common for many people to go against the law and drive without vehicle insurance these days. This has been attributed to the increasing price of vehicle insurance as well as the injustice that many drivers feel when they have to pay for an unnecessary yearly policy when they only drive from time to time.

In an attempt to make this situation better and hence reduce the dangers of such illegal driving, many insurance companies now offer temporary or short term policies that is obviously cheaper as compared to the full policies for the period of time that the car will be in use.

A one month car insurance policy is a fair deal for those who drive infrequently, like those who work far away from their homes throughout the year or students who want to use their parents’ cars during school breaks where paying for a full expensive car policy does not make sense if driving is only for a short period of time.

Most insurance companies now offer the alternative of one month insurance policy, which involves coverage for a specific month of the year and not 30 days coverage randomly scattered throughout a year. This is thus ideal for those who drive sporadically and not infrequently.

Many people who have used this type of coverage strongly recommend it as it is very easy to set up, use and renew making it very convenient for those who use their cars from time to time and it is very flexible depending on the particular situation and if extension is needed.

Most companies now allow for online applications for one month policies much to the ease of clients. Still, if you feel the need to discuss about your appropriate needs and need more information, you can always do it over the phone.

Cheap policies can be easily obtained but still many factors like age, length of driving history, accidents, the type of car to be covered will be taken into consideration to determine your eligibility for the insurance and the premium to be paid.

Before going for this type of policy, one should make some research on the subject. Numerous insurance companies’ websites can be viewed online for comparing prices though these are not the only ones that exist.

Is temporary car insurance a life saver?

It must have happened to each and every one of us when at some point we just had to have access to a vehicle, either a friend who badly needed to use our vehicle for some time or even ourselves badly in need of a car for a short period of time as in a few days or even for an hour or so. Obtaining temporary car insurance in such a situation is not as difficult or even expensive as one may think.

There are indeed insurance companies that can help you out of these situations and get you just the right policy that you are looking for so that you can be on the road in no time at all whether the car is yours or not.

The policy that you can obtain from insurance companies can range from 1 day coverage to 28 days even if the car does not belong to you but short term car insurance for under 21 could be a problem though but whatever may be the reason for you to look for this kind of coverage as in you staying over at some friends’/relatives’ for some time and there is a need for you to drive their car or even in you and a friend deciding to hit the road from one end of the country to another and sharing the driving is the most logical thing to do. This is exactly where temporary car insurance fits in, very easily obtainable in the blink of an eye.

For instance, if you and a friend have decided to tour Europe for a couple of weeks and get a glitch of some of the interesting cities for their beautiful buildings, one of the best options is obviously to share the driving and one of the advantages is that you will also get comprehensive insurance on your car or your friend’s car to cover you up during the Europe trip.

If you want to, you can even add temporary breakdown or road side assistance as in normal car coverage. You can also get this type of coverage on a vehicle for a business trip so that you are covered in any situation that may crop up in getting you to that crucial meeting.

You can easily get a car insurance quote from the broad range of insurance companies and brokers right online and directly from their websites in a matter of time which are all very efficient and easy to use and above all provide you the peace of mind that the vehicle that you are driving is covered.

Cars during the riots

As tonight seems to be yet another night of violence and lawlessness I am amazed at the amount of road closures that have been put in place but they are not common knowledge. As expected to prevent even more criminal damage to unsuspecting motorist’s roads have been closed and diversions have been put in place to the most high risk areas. But even then cars that are stationary are also being vandalised and innocent motorists are being dragged out of their cars whilst yobs attack and set fire to their vehicles.

Many homes in and around London do not have private driveways or garages so if you are unfortunate enough to live in a built up area and also own a car you may find that your vehicle may get caught up in the current riots. It is a shame when you cannot leave your car outside your own home without fear of it getting set on fire.

As cars have been abandoned in various riot hotspots it hasn’t been possible to remove them in time before the violence gets worse, as a result of this cars that have been left behind have been set on fire and left to burn. This is very dangerous as there are also risks of explosion due to the fuel in the vehicles on fire. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to prevent cars from being vandalised apart from avoiding such areas and possibly parking in residential areas away from town centres and city centres. We can only hope that all this violence and burning of cars stop soon.

Lack of zebra crossings for pedestrians

I have noticed that there aren’t as many zebra crossings as there used to be, as a driver its great but for pedestrians this is causing many problems. As a result of fewer zebra crossings pedestrians are now crossing the road where ever they feel like it; this is both dangerous for them and drivers. Of the few zebra crossings I have come across, not many drivers stop these days and choose to ignore them and continue full speed ahead, rarely do they slow down or give way to pedestrians to cross.

In America they have a law for pedestrians that cross the road where they feel like, it is also called jaywalking. If you are caught or stopped you can face a fine or even a prison sentence depending on how serious it was. In the UK however there are no such laws to prevent pedestrians crossing the road wherever they feel like so the accident rate is higher for careless pedestrians.

Although there is notable difference in how many official zebra crossings there are pedestrians argue that drivers should be aware of them and slow down, if this is how everyone feels then people would be stepping out into the road all the time. More needs to be done to ensure that pedestrians are able to cross the road safely and those who don’t should be aware of the consequences.

The worst offenders I have come across are those with children thinking that they have right of way, this is very dangerous and annoying if you happen to drive down a road where school has just been dismissed, parents and children walk on the roads with disregard to drivers. They also step onto the road to cross over without checking first! I really hope that pedestrians become a little more considerate for people who must use their cars and have children present in the car when driving too as an accident can devastate not one but two families.

Named driver insurance and NCB

Young people cannot get or afford their own insurance because they are in the high risk category. They are already hit with a high premium of thousands of pounds even before they have done anything wrong.

By going as an additional driver on a policy can save you money but be aware that named drivers no claims bonus does not really count. Named drivers can be used to reduce insurance costs and here are two ways:

The first way is fronting. Fronting is when a parent insures their child’s car in their own name and adds the child as a named driver. This is illegal if the child is the main driver. If the insurance company digs out the truth later, the insurance will be invalid.

Fronting is usually used by young drivers to bring down their insurance costs. Insurance works out cheaper this way as the main risk is based on the parent who is a lower risk to the insurance company than the young driver.

Some keep their ‘official’ address as their parent’s address to avoid paying higher premiums for a high risk area even if they are living in rented accommodation and working in full-time employment/studying elsewhere.

The drawback of fronting is that insurance companies do not like it at all as it costs them lots of money when things go wrong. So this is highly discouraged and is against the law to try that.

While this will reduce your insurance cost, you have to be careful and maintain a clean driving report. If you have a car accident while in this policy, it will affect yours and your named driver’s No Claim, and your premium will also go up.

It is claimed that some 250,000 young drivers resort to fronting.

The second way is to insure a car in your name and add an older named driver. Insurance companies will reduce your car insurance premium if you have an older driver named on your policy. It often works best when adding an older female family member or work colleague who may drive your car. Some people put their mothers as the named driver even though their mothers never drive the car.

Please note that having a named driver does not automatically lower the premium. The choice of your named driver to your policy can either increase or lower your premiums. The insurance company will assess the named drivers age, gender and driving report.

If the named driver is young, the premium is more. If the named driver has a poor driving report, the premium is also more. So it is better to include a named driver who is older than thirty, has a long driving record and has a clean driving report. A female driver is preferrred as females are considered safer than male drivers.

So which way should you adopt?

Becoming a named driver on a parents policy is fine when you are learning to drive in their car as the parent is still the main driver. Once you have your own car, get your own policy and start building up your own no claim bonus (NCB).

Putting your spouse as the named driver is a practical solution as long as your spouse does not have a previous claim or traffic conviction. Since the husband and wife do things together as a couple, such as travelling together, be it for vacation or shopping to buy groceries, they can take turns to drive the car. Having your spouse as a co-driver for long trips reduces the likelihood of a car accident. This car insurance tip can save you money on your car insurance.

Cheap car insurance for young drivers

The harsh reality is that if your age falls in the 18-25 age group, you have to pay more for car insurance than drivers in other age groups. The reason is that young drivers are riskier. Hence they have to pay thousands of pounds more, which is beyond what most teenagers can afford. It does not seem fair to penalize teenagers who have not yet commit any traffic offences or are safe drivers though.

Statistics have shown that teens are in the high risk group and is a liability. According to national statistics, one in every five new drivers in the United Kingdom have a motor accident within six months of getting their driving licenses. Statistics also show that an 18-year old driver is ten times more like to be involved in an accident than a driver over the age of 30. For this young age group, the latter is 17 times more likely to get into an accident between 2am to 5am than any other times.

Male drivers pay more car insurance than female drivers because male drivers drive more often than females.

Young drivers tend to be over-confident and brash. Being young, they do not have enough experience to make good judgement on the road. They think they are invincible and take unnecessary risks. They like speed and they impatient. They like to impress their peers and girlfriends with their prowess on the street.

Even if you are a safe driver, you still have to pay more. That is quite unfortunate.

However all is not lost. There are still ways to get cheap car insurance for young drivers which you’ll soon find out. For example, a smaller car will cost less, in terms of insurance cost and road tax. Drive less, the less mileage, the cheaper the cost. Install safety and security features on your car. Ensure your car has safety belt, air belts, and anti-thief locking devices. After you pass the basic driver test, go for an advanced driving course. Include an older person as a named driver. Even the address of your car has a bearing on the cost because they want to know if the residence has a high or low crime rate and will assess the probability of the car being stolen. The model of the cars is also a factor as some popular models are more popular targets with car thieves. Instead of getting a luxury car or a fancy sport car, get a normal production car. The more expensive the car, the higher the premium.

If you follow the above tips, you will definitely be able to save on your car insurance.

Petrol prices too high for people to enjoy their vehicles

A few years back, you would get more petrol for the pound but nowadays it seems that the prices have gone up so much that you need like twice as much money to fill up your tank. Only a couple of years back, petrol prices were 90 pence a litre but these days, it’s way pass the £1.40 mark. On a small Nissan Micra, you could fill up the tank with £25 before but now it costs around £50 for the same amount of petrol.

It is very frustrating that petrol has become so expensive especially you rely on your car to take you places. The problem with public transport is that it is not reliable at all and if you must make sure that you are not late for an important meeting, then you will either have to go private or leave well before you should really do just to be on the safe side. Taxis are not cheap to get as well so it’s always easier to travel in the confort of your own car.

What is more annoying is the fact that many people enjoy visiting family or places in their car. You work hard during the week and on the weekend, you might want to give  yourself a break and visit your relatives or friends or just go somewhere nice. There are lots of places where you can relax or have a nice time but the problem nowadays is that it is very expensive to travel by car.

Many people can no longer afford to keep their car because it is getting too much for them. It’s a shame really but there’s not much you can do in a recession. Of course, it is good to use the car less so help the atmosphere and environment but that is not really the problem here. If more environmentally friendly substitutes were found that were economical for the average person, then yes, everyone would jump on the chance of having one. But to make petrol unaffordable to many people is just wrong.

Driving test becoming more difficult for learners, is it fair?

A few years ago, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) introduced the Hazard Perception test which needs to be passed before obtaining your driving licence. This meant that learners had to learn a completely new thing which takes the form of a video clip where you have to click when you spot a hazard. There are still many people who are not familiar with a computer and do not have complete control over the mouse even though they might recognise when there’s bound to be danger in the video clip.And now there’s something more to the driving test and this one is called Independent Driving.

Now the problem is that older drivers did not have to go through so much hassle before they obtained their driving test. Actually they did not even have the theory test, no multiple choice questions to answer and it was only some basic knowledge about the road signs and being able to drive properly. Nowadays the government is making the lives of learner drivers a misery.

Some people may argue that there are so many changes now with technology being as advanced as it is now especially with the introduction of satellite navigation system and the pletora of road signs everywhere but the thing is that older drivers need to be re-assessed if that’s the case. What they have learnt before is nothing compared to what learners have to master these days.

Why should it be compulsory only for new learners? It’s not like older drivers do not use the same roads or the same technologies! It is therefore important that the government stops putting only learners to those strict laws and regulations and have a system in place which is fair to both new and old drivers.