Car insurance for 17 year old drivers

Age is not in your favor if you are 17 years old and you are looking for a cheap car insurance. Car Insurance companies generally consider teens to be in the high-risk age bracket.  If you are wondering why you have to pay a premium for cheap car insurance, here are the reasons:

  1. It is generally accepted that teenagers are not as careful or as responsible as people in the older age group. Probably they are excited about getting  their first car and they cannot wait to show off to their friends and to impress others with their driving speed.
  2. Accident statistics show that a high percentage of  drivers involved in accident are teenagers. That is why they belong to the high risk group.
  3. Teenagers are more concern about impressing their friends with the look and speed of the car. They will probably modify the car and its specification beyond what is permissible.  These modification can render the car unsafe. What is upmost on their mind is to have a flashy car rather than a safe and secured car.

How then can you ensure a cheap quote when looking for 17 year olds car insurance? There are 5 ways to reduce your cheap car insurance and they are listed below:

  1. Use your Parent’s name – Ask your parent to include your name in their insurance policy. Your parents can get better discounts if they insure more than one car in the same policy. This will be cheaper compared to getting a single policy for yourself.
  2. Security and Safety – Focus on the security and safety aspect of the car. For example, install seatbelt, airbag, anti-locking system to make your car safe. Install early warning system and steer locks to make it safe from theft. The more secured your car, the lower the insurance.
  3. Be trained – Enrolled for driving and safety courses. This is to show that you know how to handle your car well.
  4. Less Mileage – The less you drive, the lower your risk, and hence you pay a lower premium. One way to drive less is car pool. You save on your fuel too.
  5. Keep a Clean Record – Maintain a clean driving record. Don’t get into trouble with the traffic laws such as fines for parking offences or drunk driving.  A clean record gets you a lower premium.

Getting a cheap car insurance for an seventeen year old is not a major obstacle when you follow the five tips to reduce insurance cost.

Beginners guide to Digital Photography and dSLR cameras

In this tutorial, we’ll introduce the art of digital photography and the use of DSLR cameras to accomplish that. It is important to note that photography in itself reflects the creativity of the person taking the pictures and not necessarily mean you need to get a top of the range digital camera. However the ability of your camera will determine how good your shots are going to be and hence it is advisable that you consider getting a dSLR than sticking with a point and shoot one.

Things we’ll be covering in this online digital photography course:

  • DSLR vs Point and Shoot cameras
  • Composition – How it affects your final picture
  • Long exposure shots (we’ll talkt about light meter)
  • Freezing motion
  • Bracketing – Why do you need it
  • Exposure compensation
  • Focal lengths and aperture
  • Why use aperture priority mode on your dSLR camera
  • Taking pictures with a bright background
  • How to maintain and clean your camera and lens

This tutorial will be updated as we go along and if there’s anything else that you want to know, then suggest it in a comment.

How close can you get with a 300mm lens for your DSLR camera?

When I bought my dSLR camera (Nikon 5000), it came with an 18-55mm lens which is a very good lens. It gives me sharp pictures and I didn’t really have any complaints besides that it couldn’t give me closer shots. There were times I wished I had a more powerful lens to enable me to zoom on far away objects better and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to buy myself a Sigma 70-300mm DG APO lens. See the difference in zooming capabilities for yourself:

Nikon Lens at 55mm
Nikon Lens at 55mm
Sigma Lens at 300mm
Sigma Lens at 300mm
Sigma Lens at 70mm
Sigma Lens at 70mm
Sigma Lens at 200mmSigma Lens at 200mm

The pictures speak for themselves and as you can see there’s a massive difference from the shot at 55m to the one at 300mm. Although the Nikon lens is a better lens than the Sigma and you can see that clearly in the images above because the one taken from the Nikon lens appears to be sharper, I opted for the Sigma lens because for the price (£160) that I paid for, it was a real bargain to obtain a lens with such a zoom. I’ve included pictures taken at 200mm as well so that you can have an idea how far the lens is going to reach as well.

Once you’ve bought your dSRL, you will soon outgrow the standard lens that comes with it and if you want to get great shots at long distances, then investing in a powerful zoom lens is a must. Many people choose to buy a 200mm lens and they’ve very decent as well but if you want to bring that far away object very near, then you would need a longer lens. You can go to as much as 1200mm if you can afford it.

Cheap cars to insure

To some people, it might come as a surprise to be quoted £1500 for a car which is worth only £500. However the car insurance industry seems to be getting more expensive every year. Blame it on the recession, the increased number of uninsured drivers or a rise in motor accidents but the fact remains that getting a car insured these days can cost you quite a lot. Therefore before even buying a car, it is worth looking at the cheap cars to insure as this will save you from beating your head against the wall afterwards.

Of course, this approach does not give you much choice in the first place. You could have set your eyes on the latest Audi out there but when you find out that it’s going to cost you several thousands of pounds to get it insured, you’re most likely to change your mind, unless you can afford that amount of money.

It is important to understand that cars which are cheapest to insure are also cars which are cheap to buy. This makes sense because if you buy a car for £3000 and it becomes a total write off after an accident, then the insurer will only have to pay out £3000 to get you a new one while a car costing £15,000 will be more expensive to insure. Things like easy availability of parts play an important role in the whole car insurance quoting process and that is why having a basic understanding of what goes on behind the quoting system is an intelligent way to reverse engineer the process and get you a cheap and decent premium.

Sure there are things like the amount of no claims discount that you own but this seems to be more geared towards people with more driving experience. So young drivers will definitely not benefit from it and are better off making the right choice in the first place. It isn’t a good feeling to have to do something against your own will but if you want a car that’s going to be cheap in terms of insurance purposes, then you’re going to have to swallow your pride and go for what’s going to benefit you financially.

You do not want to drive without insurance and risk getting banned. Believe me, you’ll get caught sooner than you think and regret it for a long time. So do your research well and stick with something that’s going to be economical and you’ll soon find out that it’s going to pay off afterwards. You need to be objective and buy the cheapest car to insure instead of feeding your ego and struggle with the finances of running a car.

Changes to the driving test

As of 4th October 2010, there will be a few changes to the practical driving test. There will be an independent part that will be added to the test. Now as with every change, people tend to hate them because it deviates from what they are used to. Therefore some learners will like them and others will not.

So what exactly will happen to learner drivers. Well the new driving test changes 2010 are supposed to make them better and safer drivers. They will need to drive for 10 mins without any instruction from the driving examiner. They will either be told where they need to go and have a diagram shown to them which would indicate the route they need to take. The reason behind this is that a good driver needs to know where they are going because they are in charge of the vehicle and therefore when they pass their test, they will be driving on their own without any instruction from anyone else.

If you think about it carefully, it’s not really something to worry about because as a learner, you are taught the skill of driving. Yes you get instruction from your instructor telling you where to go but at the end of the day, if you need to take your car from your home to your work place or to visit family, you cannot expect someone to be sitting next to you to give you directions. Of course, learners are scared at the th0ught of changes to an already diffcult test (for some actually) but at the end of the day, if you’re ready for the driving test, then you would be just fine. So don’t panic and give your best shot!

Driving Instructor Insurance

Driver instructor insurance is not much different from personal car insurance cover. It covers all the different aspects, like theft, accidents, liability, etc., which are insured under any general car insurance. The only difference lies in the cover that driving instructor insurance provides to the students of insured instructor. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching your students full-time or part-time, you always need to possess this insurance for taking up the teaching job.

In fact, the need of this insurance is much greater than any other driving insurance due to higher possibility of claims associated with the students. While a personal insurance covers your personal liabilities only, driving instructor insurance covers entire liability of all of your students. You never know when your students will get into an accident and claim or something like that and you might get dragged into a lawsuit too. So, you always need to be prepared beforehand and for that you must possess this type of policy.

But, as the number of people being insured under this coverage, it is much more than a single person in case of personal insurance, you also need to pay comparatively a large sum for purchasing the insurance and for paying the premiums. If you are finding this insurance cover to be a little more expensive for your pocket, more so if you have just started out your teaching endeavour, then you can go with the insurance carriers that offer month-by-month insurance plan. However, it is wise to opt for a yearly plan instead of a monthly plan if you are already an established instructor. This will cost you less.

Although this insurance policy includes each and every student under its cover, it doesn’t require you to name any of them in your policy. This insurance will cover any accident, occurred during the period of driving lessons, along with any hospital bill and legal fees thereof. But there are certain rules of this insurance that an insured must adhere to, like not to bring any item or people that are not directly related to the driving lessons. This is because such items or people will not be covered under driving instructor insurance. If you violate this rule, you could end up losing your claim even if your claim is completely genuine. Besides, you could also end up losing your insurance cover and your instructor license once and for all.

There is one more important thing that you must know about and that is to know the limitations of your policy. If you are an independent individual instructor, then you can make do with single person driving instructor insurance. But when you grow into a driving instruction company, your insurance protection should also change accordingly. This new insurance policy should not only cover you and your students but also your employees.

Corsodyl daily toothpaste review

If you’ve ever been to the dentist and have been told that you’ve got gum disease, then most likely you’ll be given a treatment which involves Corsodyl mouthwash. Many people suffer from gum disease but do not know it. The symptoms are bleeding gums when you’re brushing your teeth and bad breadth. Although you can live with the bleeding gum, a smelly mouth on the other hand can be quite embarassing. Imagine talking to your friends and noticing them turn their faces away because of the bad odour in your mouth! This can often lead to seclusion and stop you from laughing and socialising. Corsodyl mouthwash helps to treat gum disease and  is quite efficient provided you do not use it just after you’ve brushed your teeth with a normal toothpaste.

Finding time to use Corsodyl mouthwash during the day can be hard but fortunately there’s Corsodyl Daily Toothpaste which keep your gums and teeth heathier. You can have the toothpaste in mint as well as the original one. The mint toothpaste was supposed to be better than the other one but guess what? Corsodyl Daily Toothpaste will give you a funny feeling in your mouth. It tastes like taste, horribly disgusting and will make you want to puke. You’re better off using the mouth wash rather than the toothpaste. You cannot even taste the mint and if you’re used to regular toothpastes like Colgate, Aquafresh, Macleans or Pearl Drops, you’ll immediately feel the difference.

The whole idea of using Corsodyl toothpaste was to save time by not having to use the mouth wash at a later period after brushing but the nauseous sensation from it will definitely refrain you from using it again. It costs around £4.50, so it’s quite expensive compared to other toothpaste which you can get for around £2 but if you want to give it a try, you can purchase it from Boots or Superdrug.

For healthy gums and teeth, you need to have a good oral care routine like brushing, flossing and using mouth wash to get rid of plaque. Corsodyl may stop or reduce gum disease but it will come back again if you’re not looking after your gums and teeth properly. So oral hygiene should  be on your priority list if you want to get rid of gum disease.

Putting up coving

It’s been almost a year now since we’ve measured the total length of coving that we would need in our house and purchased it from Wickes. The plan was to put up coving as soon as we were done with painting the walls. However after most of the things were done in the house, we got too comfortable to do any more work.

Coving is not difficult to put up in the house – all you need is a measuring tape, a pencil, a fine tooth saw and some good glue (for polysterene coving, wood coving requires more work). However after doing so much in the house, you are completely drained down and just want to be able to sit down and relax for a bit. Soon this becomes a habit and you can no longer find the courage to actually do any work and the jobs pending remains unfinished.

A standard size room should not take that long to do the coving once you’ve mastered the art of cutting. You’ll find that having someone to help you will make things easier because it will be difficult for you to hold a long piece of coving by yourself and wait for the glue to do its job.

Personally I think that coving adds a bit of elegance to a house. It covers up the wall and ceiling joints nicely and gives a professional look. Although it doesn’t cost a lot to put up coving, it can make your house sell faster and add more value to it as well because at the end of the day, appearance counts a lot to potential buyers.

Car insurance for eighteen year old drivers

It is known to many that car insurance for 18 year old drivers are very high since they are associated with the 17-21 group which has a very high risk profile. It is quite common for a person within that age group to receive quotes in excess of £2,500 and when you think that the young driver has only spent £1,200 to buy a car, the premiums are quite significant compared to what the car is really worth. So the question is whether the young drivers should go ahead and purchase the insurance cover at this extortionate price or find an alternative.

Driving without insurance is not an option because it is illegal and if you’re caught, you can face a prison sentence and lose your licence. It’s not worth the trouble and what drivers who are only 18 years old should be focussing on is how to make their insurance affordable. Many of these young drivers under-estimate the importance of doing the pass plus course which can potentially reduce their premiums by upto 40%. The reason for not doing the course is probably because they no longer want to be learning again and just want to go ahead and drive. If that’s possible, then by all means, do so but if you’re struggling for a reasonable car insurance quote, then don’ t forget that the pass plus course can be really beneficial.

There are other things which you can do to help lowering your quote like adding extra security devices to help prevent your car from being stolen or make it easier to track if stolen. You can also increase your voluntary excess in an attempt to bring your quote further down.

As with everything else, patience is a virtue and by driving safely over a period of time, 18 year olds can get cheap car insurance quotes when they’ve accummulated enough no claims bonus to reward them.

How to break the packlock on your suitcase?

No matter how organised and careful you try to be when you’re going on holiday, sometimes it’s all just a matter of misfortune. Having done a checklist of all the things that I needed to bring with me and checking the textboxes to make sure I’ve packed everything, I still manage to forget one or two things for some reason. As I locked away the suitcases and put them in the car, I left the keys on the sofa and it’s only when I was halfway through to the airport that I realised this.

I was thinking about all the options and I decided to break the padlock at the airport and have them replaced. This needed to be done before the luggage was checked in so I looked for somebody who worked at the airport (Gatwick it was) and explained the situation. The person worked with luggages at the airport, weighing them to let you know if you’re overweight so that you can shuffle things round, and I thought he would know better than anyone else. He advised me to go to an airport security officer and they would have the necessary tools to break the padlock. However when I asked the airport security, he told me that they didn’t have the right tools to do that and pointed me  to go to some place where they sell suitcases.

The suitcase shop was my next journey and the person in the shop said they only sell suitcases and they didn’t have any tools instore and I was then suggested to go to the “Lost/Stolen” section of the airport. I was running out of time and all this going back and forth was not doing me any good but I had to get rid of the padlock one way or the other. Once at the lost/stolen/left counter, I told the person there what the problem was and he said that he could help me out. All he did was take two long screwdrivers, put them through the padlock and push them against the padlock and bang, the padlock opened. I was really shocked that the padlocks were broken so easily but I was more relieved than anything else. I bought another set of padlocks from them and quickly ran to the checkin counter.

Now that I think about this whole thing, I was quite lucky to be honest. Of course I’ve found out that most padlocks that we use on suitcases are easily broken but I now also know how to break the small padlocks if I ever lose the keys again (or forget them).