Alcohol and animal free makeup

As we all become more aware what goes into the products we use consumers are always on the lookout for alternative beauty products that are more environmentally friendly and contain no animal preservatives. Such make up is also known as ‘halal’ makeup which in turn means kosher by using natural products and dyes rather that those derived from animals and alcohol.

What is in makeup?

How many women who wear makeup actually know what goes in it? Did you know that whale fat is most commonly used in lipstick and pig placenta is used in most make up too? Slugs and snails are also used in makeup so how do you fell now you know what it contains. Most makeup such as blusher and foundation contain man made dyes that are potentially harmful, they can cause wrinkles, spots and sensitivity later in life. The use of make is bad for the skin as it prevents it to breathe naturally and unsightly large or blocked pores can be seen.

Makeup that is free from alcohol and animal parts are a lot safer you know they contain no harsh chemicals and all dyes are found naturally in plants and flowers. In recent years there have been many manufacturers that have cashed in on this trend. First there was the Body Shop now there are similar chains all over the world providing better quality makeup.

Samina halal makeup

I came across a young muslim girl who started her own business of selling halal products, they are made according to strict Islamic laws. After much research many scholars have said that the word halal is often misused and there is no such guidance when it comes to animal produce in makeup. As Samina herself said the reason for starting this ‘halal makeup’ business was because she felt bad wearing makeup whilst praying. By Islamic tradition you are not allowed to wear makeup when you pray so it just doesn’t make sense. It looks like another marketing gimmick to make Muslim women confused into what is allowed and what is not. The range offered is not that good anyway, it is very limited so the colours you usually use is most likely not available.

There are alternatives to ‘halal’ makeup as I am still not convinced, there are many brands such as Origins and Body Shop that has a great organic makeup range that is free from animal or alcohol. You just need to read the label properly and research such products not follow blindly.