Coloured hair – Permanent or non permanent

Due to a high demand for people wanting to change their looks constantly, the market for hair dye has become extremely competitive. If you are dying hair for the first time, then it is advisable to go to a salon first. They will do it professionally using good quality products providing even coverage. The question for most people though is whether to go for permanent hair dye or non permanent hair dye or a semi-permanent hair colour.

Find the perfect hair colour

Many people choose a colour that will reflect the time of year and bring out the best features in you. So in summer opt for a light reflective colour that will lift your mood and in the winter choose a slightly darker colour or vice versa. Some people like to make a statement so will go for very bold colour like black, red and peroxide blonde. Not all colours are suited to everyone and it’s best to have patch test prior to applying hair dye to see if you are allergic to it. Bright colours such as blue, pink and purple are not stocked routinely on the high street, so to get this colour you may have to order online or go to a salon that will mix the right colour for you.

Permanent vs. non permanent hair dye

Non permanent hair dye is a good option if you only need a colour for a special occasion or a trial before deciding if you want the colour permanently. Non permanent hair dye will also ruin some clothes and towels as the colour will wash away eventually; the same goes for pillowcases and bed sheets. If you go for non-permanent, you will also notice that after a while hair will lack shine and start to look dull and lifeless.

Permanent hair dye will never fade or wash away and will always be shiny and full of life. After washing hair dye out, towels will not stain and neither will clothes or bed sheets. Be careful when applying hair dye as it can stain surfaces it comes into contact with things such as tiles, carpet and walls. If you can afford it, then the salon is the best way to get it done; if not there are many over the counter products that will give the same salon perfect hair results.

Applying hair dye at home

  • Divide hair using a comb and separate using large sectioning clips
  • Take each section and detangle thoroughly
  • Work in hair dye from the roots
  • When all sections of hair has been dyed then apply to the ends

Roots take longer to dye that’s why dye is always applied there first, if you add hair dye to the ends too soon you will end up damaging hair and will end up with brittle straw like hair ends. Always use the instructions that were with the hair dye product and stay out of direct sunshine for the first week or you could end up a whole shade lighter.