Digital perm

We all want the best of both worlds when it comes to hair styling, if you have straight hair you want it to be curly, if you have curly hair you want it to be straight, you can never win. At the moment curls are very this year, big curls, soft curls, all curls. So with many women wanting to create the looks they see in the magazine sales for curling wands, tongs and rollers will increase.

If you are really want long lasting curls then you should try the new Digital Perm, it is a new curling technique that started in Japan. By using chemicals to change the structure of the hair a little like a perm the Digital Perm uses a digitally controlled thermal heating chemical process. Each individual digital roller is then attached to a special unit that uses infra-red technology to change the hair structure to the desired curl.

Digital curls require less maintenance as they dry defined so there is no need to get out the rollers or other hair heating apparatus. Digital curls are also not like a perm where they are dated and tend to be tightly packed to create smaller ringlets; the digital perm is more current and modern with large soft curls.

You would be mistaken into thinking that the Digital Perm is just from those who have very straight hair as even those with frizzy hair can also benefit from having their hair digitally curled to provide manageable curly hair. The digital perm costs in the region of £300 but it is wise to find someone who has the experience as once the curls are set then they will stay that way. Unfortunately there isn’t much information in regards to how long it lasts for but a good estimation is around 6 months.

Some women have reported that their hair got completely fried when they had it done whereas others have had a pleasant experience. The reviews are half and half so take the time to find a reputable salon that also has the experience in providing digital perms as the training is very important, you don’t want to end up having to cut most of your hair off due to a bad perm.

£300 compared to around £60 for a chemical perm seems very dear so make sure your hair type is suitable before opting to have this done.