Face shaving for women, new trend

A recent article I came across today was advising women to start shaving their face as an alternative to waxing, threading and laser hair removal. In a bizarre twist it even says how celebs have also started to follow this trend.

It is said that Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were also fans of this method for facial hair remover but I think this is just a story that a bored writer invented as a way to stir up trouble in celeb land. To suggest that celebrities are also adopting this trend with no proof or statements is very misleading. It’s worrying that many young girls and women will read this article and think that it’s ok to shave the face like many men do.

Does shaving make hair grow back thicker?

It has been a popular subject for years and there has been a lot of research conducted on if there is any link between shaving and thick hair growth. The conclusion that the medical profession has come up with is that there is no link between shaving and hair growing back thicker. But many people disagree with this statement as they have first hand evidence that suggests there is a link.

Forums have been buzzing all morning with women sharing their experiences with shaving, women who started shaving their face at young age are advising that you don’t shave your face as they can tell you first hand why it isn’t a good idea. Women who started shaving 30 years ago are now telling their story of how naive they were and how 30 years later they are forced to shave on a daily basis otherwise they end up with stubble.

Face shaving was said to become popular because laser hair removal cannot pick up on what the professionals call ‘peach fuzz’ it is too fine to remove unlike coarse darker hair that laser therapy can eradicate easily. Experts also believe that when the face is shaved it also reflects the light and the constant shaving enables the skin to be exfoliated and looks younger because of collagen stimulation.

I have never heard of anything so ridiculous! If women are embarrassed by facial hair there are many cost effective ways to remove it. You can bleach, thread, wax, use hair removal cream or get electrolysis or laser hair removal. Shaving is not recommended for women as men have thicker skin than women so stubble will look hideous on a woman compared to a man.