Facial Threading

facial threadingWith so many ways to remove facial hair, trying to choose a method that works for you is hard. After trying all of them (waxing, tweezing, epilating and face creams), it has been said that they are all too harsh for facial skin and can even cause wrinkles and other skin problems. There is an ancient method that has been in practice for over a thousand years and still going strong. Turkey, India and China still do facial threading for removing facial hair.

How to do facial threading and how does it work?

All you need is some cotton thread and that’s it! Just cut some thread and tie the ends together; you can then put both hands inside and then twist. Once the thread has gathered, you can then start catching hair in the twist to pull them out quicker and painlessly. Everyone’s pain threshold is different so what might hurt for you may not be the same for me. Threading is excellent at defining eyebrow and keeping them looking natural. The same goes for the upper lip, side burns and cheeks. As you can be really precise with threading facial hair, you can remove a single hair or a few at a time. What’s also great about threading is it pulls hair right from the root making the rate it takes to grow back slower and hair will grow back finer too.

The other good thing about facial threading is it is very cheap and you can do it yourself as well. After a few practice runs, you will find family and friends queuing up for you to do theirs. Unlike waxing, threading is gentle on the skin; not pulling off the first layer that waxing can do. Depilatory creams are also harsh due to the chemicals and stripping the skin of its natural moisture and oils.

How much does facial threading cost?

In the last 5 years, the cost of threading by a beauty therapist has risen; expect to pay around £12 for eyebrows and £5 for the upper lip. You can sometimes get the service discounted if you get a few things done together such as eyebrows, lips, sideburns and side of face and cheeks. Facial threading used to be available only in Asian and Turkish salons but more and more mobile salons are popping up in all local shopping centres. Keep an eye out for any promotions so you can have a try before deciding if this is the right facial hair removal method for you.