Fake tan

Now we are in winter many people are worried about looking too pale. The majority of men and women will use sun beds and fake tan to look and feel better about themselves.

When on holiday you’ll be surprised by how many people who don’t really use sun cream to protect from harmful UV rays that skin is exposed to. Even on a cloudy day your still exposed to UV rays even though you cannot see the sun. It is mostly young people who do not realise the dangers of sun exposure.

A dangerous method that a lot of young people brag about for getting a quicker sun tan is to smear baby oil or carrot oil over your body; this will enable skin to burn quicker.  This is very dangerous and can cause first, second and even third degree burns.

There are many safer options to having a sun kissed look. The first and most popular is fake tan it’s fairly easy to use but you will need someone to help on the hard to reach and places you can’t see. There are many different products available to suit all skin types and budgets. If you can afford to have it professionally done then having a spray tan gives an even finish and can be increased in colour if need be. The next option is to use moisturisers that gradually build up a tan while keeping skin soft and smooth. It is easily done and is one of the cheapest methods.

If you don’t want an all over body tan then why not opt for a facial bronzer, now that we are in winter not many women will be wearing short skirts and sleeveless tops. When applying facial bronzer brush some over your collarbone for extra glam factor. There is also ‘wash away fake tan’ its fake tan in a bottle only you can wash it off the same day. So if you are going for a nice meal and want to wear a skirt, just apply to clean skin and you can wash it off later or the same day.

Remember to exfoliate well before applying fake tan and not to wear white immediately afterwards as the colour may rub off on clothes. Be prepared to get towels ruined for a little while as well as bed sheets.






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  1. Roxy November 12, 2008 / 9:52 am

    I found a mole after I came back from Hawaii since then I use sun cream and have a spray on time if I want a tan. I was lucky the mole wasn’t cancerous.

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