Fish pedicure and foot spa warning

Last year the biggest beauty trend to hit the UK was the fish pedicure or fish foot spa, popping up all over the place and even in the local shopping centre. A year later and it may not be as trendy as it was once thought to be.

What is a fish pedicure?

Using miniature fish that has to be imported from abroad, they nibble on dead skin and help keep skin smooth and soft. It costs up to £50 for a 20 minute session soaking feet in a tank filled with these harmless miniature carp that nibble away hard and dead skin to help keep the skin on the feet renewed and soft.

The Health Protection Agency has now launched a major investigation after claims that the fish can carry infection and diseases and pass them from customer to customer as the fish are never discarded. Because they are so expensive to throw away they are kept for a longer period of time, this is unusual practice as salons have to discard or sanitise tools after each pedicure session. Salon owners claim that the UV light in the tanks and filters help keep them free from disease and infection.

Currently when you go for a fish pedicure they do ask in you have any fungal foot infections or diseases but staff do not actually check, some people have been put off in the past because of seeing customers with unhealthy looking feet using the fish foot spas.

Salons also claim that the water is constantly being monitored and changed every few hours to help keep it as clean as possible. To be honest this looks like a strange money making scheme to get innocent people into spending silly money when you can do it yourself only cheaper. They are already banned in 14 states in America and it looks like it will soon be banned in the UK too.

You can have smooth and silky feet all year round inexpensively and at the leisure of your own home, read how to get beautiful and smooth feet here.