Do It Yourself French Nails Tips

For many of us women in the 21st Century, it’s hard trying to manage careers and home life; so if your nails are looking dull and plain why not give yourself a well deserved french manicure? It takes time, accuracy and patience – we don’t all have a steady hand so how can we possibly manage to finish off with perfect french tips? Well the answer is clear: you can now buy nail tip guide strips for you to achieve perfect white tips everytime. This is also known as the Do It Yourself French Manicure or French Nails Tips.

How to do white tips yourself?

  • First apply a basecoat preferably beige, light pink or peach nail varnish
  • After the basecoat has dried, apply nail tip guide strips where fingertip ends
  • Then apply white nail varnish after the nail tip guide strip
  • When white nail polish has dried, remove nail guide strips and apply clear nail varnish to seal in the colour

All done! In all it should only take 10-20 minutes to complete but soon enough after practice, you probably won’t need a nail tip guide strip and you will be able to do it freehand.