Homemade beauty products and treatments

As most people are trying to get healthier and more organically friendly, we look at the potential to use homemade beauty products instead of buying monthly supplies. The main reason people are choosing to switch to homemade is because of the side effects of using store bought products. In some cases, the products used can irritate the skin causing rashes, spots and even acne. By making your own natural products by using many basic ingredients found in the kitchen cupboard or garden, we can start living healthy lives saving a few pounds along the way.

Easy homemade beauty products and treatments

Hair care – mixing one egg yolk, a cup of water and some baby oil is a homemade conditioner that will leave hair silky smooth and soft to touch.

Dandruff – there are a few recipes for this. The first is ½ a cup of water and ½ a cup of white vinegar applied twice weekly to hair. My personal favourite is egg yolk and lemon juice left on for at least 1-2 hours then rinse. If used regularly dandruff will seem like a distant memory.

Waxing – using sugar or honey, lemon and water. Heat over stove until you get a smooth mixture and put in a jar. Like waxing kits, use an ice lolly stick blunt knife or wooden spoon and spread mixture on hair, apply cotton strips and pull. Homemade wax contains no chemicals therefore not so harsh on skin.

Face masks – there are too many too name and with everyone’s skin type being different or sensitive, it’s best doing some research to find the one that’s best for your skin. Most homemade face masks are made from fruit, porridge, milk and so much more.

Removing eye puffiness – it is said by placing a cooled teabag under the eye, you can remove or reduce the effect of puffiness and as some people suffer badly why not give it a go?

Make up remover – most people don’t know that own brand baby oil that is as cheap as 80p is good for removing make up – it’ll also leave skin feeling soft and supple as you lay your head down to sleep at night.

Hand and foot care – don’t buy unnecessary conditioning socks and gloves for hands and feet; instead use your favourite moisturiser and wrap hands and feet in cling film and wear normal socks and gloves. The skin will feel soft and smooth and if left overnight the results are even better.

Foot soak – instead of buying a foot soak that contains salt, just add sea salt, some olive oil and rosemary for fragrance to a foot spa for silky soft feet that also smell nice

There are so many homemade products and treatments that require little or no extra money spent. Once you try your own homemade products you’ll not want to go back.