How to get beautiful and smooth feet?

Most people will have experienced dry and rough skin on the soles of their feet. Sometimes this can be down to shoes, jobs that involve working a lot and also the weather. Feet are the most neglected part of the body because many people seem to forget them as they think they are hidden most of the time with socks and shoes, so why bother? By taking steps to look after our feet, we can have salon results for perfect feet at home. Here are some simple tips to achieve that:

Foot spa – regular use of a foot spa at home will help soften hard skin making it easier to rub off with pumice. Dry flaky skin will also soften and leave behind soft, silky and smooth skin. If you don’t have a foot spa, use a large bucket to soak feet in, add olive oil and bath or sea salts to ease tension. Put some of your favourite bubble bath for sweet smelling feet.

Moisturising socks – use your favourite moisturiser for feet and wear cotton socks to lock in moisture. If you don’t have any moisturising socks, use normal socks instead. You can even wrap in cling film for the same results.

Foot massages – for the ultimate treat why not ask your partner to massage your feet with a good quality moisturiser; your feet will not only be smooth but you will also experience a reduction in stress and tension.

Sand – when you go to the beach always walk bare foot; sand is a natural dermabrasion removing dead skin and cells. Feet will feel renewed and toenails whiter too.

Let feet breathe – try to leave feet free from socks at home allowing feet to breathe; wear a variety of different shoes to prevent odours and bacteria and never wear shoes or trainers without socks.

Moisturise feet before going to bed – apply cream when you are sitting on the bed and do not get up. With your feet under covers, you will keep them moist and in no time say goodbye to dry flaky skin.

Make your feet part of your daily beauty routine; scrub every night in the shower and moisturise before going to bed. Try and soak feet at least once a week to remove hard, dry and flaky skin. These simple steps will ensure you have happy, healthy feet that are always in top condition. Once you have achieved a workable routine you can start by pampering toes with a home pedicure and bright nail varnish for the warm summer months.