How to look like you’ve just been to the salon?

Did you know that there are ways of cheating to create the illusion of just being in a beauty salon? Just by doing some of the simplest things that most women take for granted or just avoid doing because of the inconvenience, you could look like a salon goddess in no time.

By doing these simple practices, you will get the "just stepped out of the beauty salon" look:

Facial hair tidy up – we all spend a lot of money on waxing, tweezing and laser hair removal but if you want to epilate without breaking the bank why not do it yourself. Just make sure you have a good magnifying mirror and are in good natural light. Just by tidying eyebrows, sideburns and the dreaded moustache, you could look like you’ve just had a facial.

Face mask – many people don’t have time to have a good face mask every week let alone every few days but by just having one a week you could really brighten your skin and have the glow without the need for caking on the foundation. There is good quality, inexpensive face masks that only require being on for 5 minutes before rinsing off. You should easily be able to fit this in once a week and the results will be well worth it.

Moisturising – we all know moisturising is a must especially in the cold harsh winters where skin is prone to dryness and cracking, but still most of us are just too tired to do it in the evening before going to bed. Moisturising in the evening will make sure that skin is silky smooth in the morning and fully hydrated so you don’t look so washed up. When moisturising the face, make sure you also moisturise the neck as it is the first sign of aging and can be avoided.

Exfoliation – exfoliating the body and face will aid circulation as well as removing dead skin cells to renew skin clarity. Aim to do this three times a week if possible when the skin is wet; most people do this when they shower as the dead skin will then just be washed away. Exfoliating will also lift ingrown hairs out and leave skin silky smooth.

Facial steamer – doing a facial steam at home is more convenient than going to the salon and less embarrassing as you don’t have to leave with no makeup on. It’s not advisable to put in makeup just after a facial steam as it will clog up the pores it just opened. A good facial steamer can be bought for as little as £10. If you want to avoid buying one because you’re not sure you will have time to use it, just fill up a bowl with hot water and put a towel over the back of your head while you lean over the bowl.

All the tips above would save you a lot of money long term and still get the same results as going to the salon if not better.