How to remove blackheads quick and easy

In some point of our lives we will all experience blackheads, it doesn’t mean you have poor hygiene or need to wash your face more it just means you have oilier skin that most. It is a fairly common problem with most sufferers having them on their nose, chin, forehead and cheeks but it’s not unheard of to get them on the back too.

How to prevent blackheads

If you do not have a skin care routine then it is worth finding one that works now before the problem gets worse. You should wash your face with a face wash, cleanse, tone and then moisturise. Make sure the toner is alcohol free and does not dry out your face; this should be done in the morning and the evening. Men and women both suffer from blackheads and it’s nothing to be ashamed of or worried about. If they start to become infected and turn to boils or raised red bumps this is when medical advice should be sought.

How to remove blackheads

You should refrain from trying to squeeze out blackheads aggressively as you may leave scarring and your pores may be left permanently enlarged. With so many different ways to remove them here are some of the best and popular methods.

  • Blackhead pore strips – you can find these in the beauty section at a pharmacist or health and beauty store. You have a strip that you need to apply some water too then you put it over the area that you want the blackheads removed. It works well for the T zone, forehead, nose and chin. There are strips that work for the back and the cheeks too.


  • Facial steamer – steaming the face using a face sauna works well to open the pores, then take a tissue and gently squeeze them out. If they refuse to move then steam for a further 5 minutes and try again. If you do not have a face steamer then use a bowl filled with hot water and put a towel over the back of your head whilst leaning over it to stop steam from escaping.


  • Blackhead pens – they are along metal rod with a small hole at the end, you cover the blackhead with it and push down. The blackhead should just pop out; the inner part of an ink tube pen works the same way. Pressure is applied all round the blackhead to make it come out.

Remember to apply ice or something cold to the areas you have removed blackheads so the pores can close. Also remember to wash your hands.