Is a hairdresser really necessary?

Did you know in order to have healthy hair, it is advised that you have a trim at least every 6 weeks? Not only will you prevent split ends but you will also make hair thicker and full of life. The average haircut is around £20 but for many people this is an added expense every month, so you should learn how to care for your hair so you don’t need too many haircuts.

If you have a fairly straight forward haircut then you could probably get away with having it trimmed once a year. This works if you don’t have any layers, fringe or high maintenance haircut. If you have a bob or your hair length is longer than your shoulder you could probably have a friend trim it for you.

Cutting a fringe

If you have an existing fringe, you could try trimming it yourself – hairdressers can charge as much as £12 just to tidy up the fringe. Why should you fork out when you know fringes don’t take very long to grow. Look on the internet and find video tutorials of how you can cut your own fringe in any style that you want. There’s even a new tool that has just been designed so that everyone can cut their own hair at home. It’s basically a straight guide that is clipped against hair and it guides you to trim, layer or cut a fringe. You can master any hairstyle with a little creativity.

When is a haircut necessary?

When your hair starts to feel thinner and look unhealthy and lifeless, then you should visit a hairdresser for a well deserved treat. Nothing compares to the feeling of newly cut hair – it seems so silky, smooth and very light. Once a year is good enough for having a proper haircut so it’s well worth going to a good salon, even if their prices are slightly higher than others.

Men’s hair

When it comes to cutting or styling men’s hair, this is where savings can really be made. Instead of visiting the barbers why not invest in a home clipper set so you can do it yourself or get someone to help you. There is also a new hair cuttings system by BaByliss that has been designed for men who keep hassle free short haircuts. They can do it themselves in half the time compared to a clipper. With so many great reviews and long term financial savings, why not buy one for a young child so they can benefit from a haircut anytime they want.