Lip plumping lip gloss for fuller lips

With so many products on the market promising to pump up lips without the need for surgery, I take a look at the three most popular solutions on the market to suit all budgets.

How does lip plumping work?

Lip plumping lip gloss and lipsticks have a small amount of collagen in them. When applied, it has a tingling feeling on the lips as they increase blood flow to the lips making them plumper. The effect is only temporary and will fade away – the collagen is harmless in small doses and similar to what they use to inject the lips with filler.

Tested products

Avon – plump pout lip gloss (available in 4 shades) cost £6. I found the brush for this lip gloss very small so I had to keep dipping the tip into the bottle. It didn’t plump up very quick and was very sticky.

Rimmel – Volume Booster lip gloss (available in 9 shades) cost £6.99. This lip gloss was really easy to apply and the tingling sensation started as soon as the gloss was applied. The results were good and lasted hours. This product is said to boost lip volume by 40% and it’s not sticky.

Dior – Lip polish (available in 3 shades) cost £19.99. Using the new innovative way to apply lip gloss by roller is fantastic, it releases just the right amount of lip gloss so there’s no waste but it comes at the cost of £19.99. There wasn’t anything special besides the roller applicator.