Macrolane – The alternative to breast surgery

There is a new alternative to surgery available to men and women who would like to have volume restored to areas of the body. The product is called Macrolane and leaves a more natural look and feel compared to cosmetic surgery. The procedure is non surgical, is done under a local anaesthetic and can be performed during your lunch break. The macrolane reviews have been pretty good so far as well.

It works by having injections in the breast area. This enables you to go up a cup size temporarily for about 12-18 months without leaving any scars. The cost of the procedure will vary from place to place and how much product is to be injected but expect to pay £2,650 onwards. The filler product is hyaluronic acid (which is naturally found in the body) and will gradually be absorbed by the body. Due to the components of the product the risks of an allergic reaction is very minimal.

Although the needles are large it leaves no scarring and as the product is injected it will sting. It is a fairly straightforward procedure and will provide some discomfort rather than pain. The feedback on this product has been very good with many women opting to go back every year for a top up.

Should you give Macrolane a try?

Macrolane is most commonly used around the breast area but is also used to improve the look of the surface of the skin for example to treat deep scars. It is also used to shape and restore volume in the calves and buttocks.

Macrolane does not interfere with mammogram readings to detect breast cancer. Clinical trials have been carried out to make sure the product is as safe as can be and like all products, it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe. Ask to see a training certificate by Q-Med as only certified physicians are trained to use Macrolane.