How not to apply make up

There many different ways to apply make up but only a few are correct.

Here we have some of the most common make up mistakes women make when trying to apply make up.

  • Too much foundation – foundation looks like is has been caked on rather than hiding flaws and enhancing looks.  Use foundation sparingly and use concealer only if you have blemishes and dark circles.
  • Not using the right colour foundation – make up artists advise you go one shade darker than your natural colour, to find the best shade for you go to the make up counter where a advisor will be able to help pick the colour most suited to you.
  • Not blending in foundation evenly and towards the jaw line – if you have to apply foundation over the whole face don’t forget to blend it down towards the collarbone to give a seamless finish.
  • Using the wrong colour blusher – blusher is available in many different colours, all to compliment your skin tone. Not everyone can get away with rosy pink cheeks; try peach and light brown for darker skin.
  • Heavy eyeliner – leave this for the teenagers going through the rock chick phase, if you really want the heavy eyeliner look use it when going out in the evening for the party look.
  • Too much eye shadow – no one wants to look like a drag queen unintentionally, stay neutral during the day and go darker in the evening.
  • Lip liner – if you want lipstick to stay on all day then do use lip liner but be careful when choosing the colour never go darker than your lipstick, you’ll look fake!
  • Not applying moisturiser before foundation – this is a very common mistake by applying make up to skin that hasn’t been moisturised the make up will begin to peel, it won’t last very long either.
  • Applying make up to soon after moisturising – after moisturising let the skin settle from the moisture before applying foundation, if foundation is applied too soon the foundation will appear greasy and shiny.
  • Too much glitz – keep glitter to a minimum, don’t go crazy using it everywhere. Why not enhance a feature like glittered eyelashes don’t over enhance.
  • Too many bold colours – with so many areas to concentrate I can see how people can get carried away. Lips, eyes and cheeks should compliment each other not overpower. Try a neutral base then try and enhance one feature that will compliment your outfit.
  • Over applying mascara – by over applying mascara it will look lumpy and have the dreaded spider eyes look, this is not good, start with light strokes close to the eyelid and wiggle the brush this will make eyelashes thicker.

The biggest mistake women make is not removing make up properly before going to bed at night. There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup everyday as long as you use make up remover and clean skin thoroughly to let pores breathe throughout the night.


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    What is the best colour makeup for brown eyes?

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