Semi permanent hair colour

If you’re thinking of updating your hair colour or having a simple transformation, then why not dye your hair to reflect your mood and also prevent it looking dull and lifeless. You would be very surprised at how a little colour can do to your hair. If you are unsure whether or not a colour would go with you, then why not go for a semi-permanent hair colour instead.

There are so many brands that do semi permanent hair dye so why not take advantage of this and find a colour that you would really like to try. There are supermarket own brands, high street own brands as well as big names such as L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How long does semi permanent colour last?

It usually depends on the brand but it’s 10-24 washes depending on hair length and dye colour used.

Is semi permanent hair colour bad for you?

It has less concentrate of the dye so not really; the colour will fade in time and is not as strong as permanent hair dye.

What if I don’t like my semi permanent hair colour?

You will have to just wash it out – unlike permanent hair dye where you have to wait at least a few days before you can change the colour.

Will my hair be dry?

All hair colour is supplied with hair conditioner that prevents hair from drying out easily and breaking; the hair colour also has less concentrated chemicals so hair should be silky smooth and very shiny.

What are the advantages of semi coloured hair?

It’s a good way of experimenting with colour until you find a colour that you would like to dye hair permanently. As they are also washable, if you don’t like the colour you can buy high PH shampoos that will make the colour fade faster. Semi permanent hair will only enhance hair or make it darker so if you want hair to be a lighter shade, you will probably have to have it dyed permanently.

Take care when applying permanent hair dye permanent or semi-permanent; read all instructions carefully as methods of applying do differ slightly. Wear old clothes and use old towels for a while as semi permanent hair colour will stain towels, clothes and even bed sheets. Protect hairline, ears and neck by applying Vaseline or cream to avoid staining.