Spa day at home – Pamper yourself at a fraction of the cost!

With spa days becoming increasingly popular and offers from the gym, newspaper and other sources always coming through, it’s easy to see how we cannot refrain from pampering ourselves. The cost of a single spa without over night stay is in the region of £150 so if you go every few months, you could be spending a whopping £600 just for going to the spa. The best way to get the same results as visiting the spa without actually having to spend money each time is to invest a little and have a spa day at home.

Save money by having a home spa day!

If you are eager and sure to make the most out of home spa products, then you will have had your money’s worth out of them in no time.

Foot spa – for relaxing, soothing aching tired muscles and also removing hard skin to reveal smoother skin

Facial sauna – to open pores and clean them thoroughly and removing blackheads – even if you have radiant skin, facial saunas are good at removing impurities that naturally occur in the skin through sweating

Face masks – every women owns at least one but the average women has 4-5 different face masks to target different problems

Manicure and pedicure – there’s no need to spend £50+ for a manicure and pedicure when you are more than capable of doing it yourself at the fraction of the cost

Massage – if there are more than one of you, have a home spa day then take it in turns to give each other a massage saving at least £50

If all of the above seem expensive, an alternative is buy them in a bundle costing as little as £35. The quality is not as good and if you want to host a spa day, it may not be able to handle a high volume of use, so only purchase for your own use. Here are some tips:

  • An alternative to buying a foot spa is having a large bowl or bucket to soak feet in, then use a hard skin remover and foot cream to leave skin silky smooth
  • If you don’t want to buy a facial sauna, then pour hot water into a bowl and using a towel, lean over the bowl with the towel on the head. This is to prevent steam from escaping and you can open your pores without the need for the special equipment
  • If you don’t have any face masks and would rather not spend so much on a product you probably don’t have time to use again, then make one at home using natural products
  • Buying supermarket nail polish, a little cello tape, you can have your very own French nails without spending so much

Hosting a spa day at home

Invite family and friends over and have a girly night in; you can even ask friends to bring over any products they have so you can all share. Host a spa day for a hen night, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion and you will be remembered forever. Not only will you save a lot of money but you will also enjoy the company of your close ones and have the chance to pamper yourselves at the same time.