Teeth whitening kits for use at home

With nearly all of the UK over indulging in food and drink over the festive period, many people are noticing that all the wine and coffee have started to leave pearly whites stained and yellow. Nearly everyone all over the world are finding this month financially difficult due to over spending on Christmas gifts. Why not take this opportunity and try a DIY teeth whitening kit if you’re looking for a brighter smile?

Before deciding on what brand kit to buy, do some research and ask family and friends – you can get teeth whitening kits from your local supermarket and even beauty shop but sometimes it is worth spending a few extra £’s for better results. Never buy kits from the back of a magazine or internet advertising as these are strategically placed to tempt you.

Types of teeth whitening kits

Kits come with everything you will need to whiten teeth at home; this usually includes a gel, a teeth guard and a mouthwash. Although instructions come with the kits, it’s not advisable to brush your teeth immediately before treatment as this can have harmful side effects when in contact with hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth whitening kits vary in price and so do the results. If you have a little extra money to spend, why not get a custom made dental kit? An imprint of your upper and lower teeth will be sent to a lab to create a custom made tray for whitening your teeth. This will give better coverage to all teeth rather than a universal teeth guard. Some whitening kits even come with a moulded mouth guard that will fully mould to your teeth when hot water is applied to it.

It’s always better to use a good quality low strength teeth whitener as many people will suffer from sensitivity after the next few days to a weeks. Just because a cheaper kit has a higher strength formula doesn’t mean it’s better at getting teeth more white faster. Remember that cheap kits have many chemicals added to them and can also cause damage to teeth and gums.

Although the dental association doesn’t recommend home kits due to it being a complicated procedure, there are many web based companies using this to their advantage. Most people cannot justify the cost of having a £600 tooth whitening treatment, so they opt for a cheap diy teeth whitening kit instead. Be aware of the sites that promise a pearly white smile and do some research first to avoid disappointment.