The dangers of fake eyelashes

As you may have noticed the growing trend for fake eyelashes has really gotten out of control. Most celebrities can be seen wearing them on a daily basis and some even have their own range. Girls Aloud are prime examples who have been seen promoting different styles of fake eyelashes. Katie Price, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica Parker are just some of the high profile celebrities that are seen making fake eyelashes fashionable.

Getting thick eyelashes naturally?

Without the need for heavy mascara or fake eyelashes Boots have recently started selling an eyelash serum that states it can ‘boost the length and thickness of eyelashes by up to 50%’. For many women who have very fine eyelashes that even the most volume increasing mascara cannot enhance will hail this product as a miracle if it does work. Others on the other hand will be buying this product to repair any damage they have already caused by abusing the use of fake eyelashes. RapidLash is on sale now at all major Boots store with the retail price of £39.99.

Fake eyelashes and recent problems

Cosmetic surgeons have reported an unusual increase of women coming in to seek advice and treatment from the loss of eyelashes. It seems many women aspire to look like their role models and are wearing up to three fake eyelashes at one time to achieve the enhanced volume look that Katie Price so often sports. By doing so natural eyelashes are suffering, when you are constantly putting fake eyelashes whether a strip or individual in time they pull you natural lash forcing them to come out. In turn the hair follicle becomes damaged and the lash will never grow back.

Surgeons have started to use the same technique used to tread baldness and apply the method to restore eyelashes. They remove a strip of hair along the back of the head, and then they remove each hair follicle carefully and implant it on the lash line where eyelashes need to grow. It has proved successful so far but with the procedure costing £3,000 it seems like a ridiculous amount to pay for abusing eyelashes and putting on cheap fake eyelashes that are as cheap as £1 a pair. The other downside to this procedure is that like natural hair it will keep growing so you will need to keep trimming on a regular basis so it doesn’t get too long.

After much research into the loss of natural eyelashes it would seem that there is no cure for the loss of eyelashes but instead of falling foul and losing them there are natural ways to enhance the length and thickness of natural lashes without the need to spend lots of money.