How to get rid of unwanted hair?

Over the years my friends and I have tried every known method of hair removal with some having horrible consequences.

Waxing is the messiest but leaves a smooth finish when done properly. My friends and I have found that when doing it ourselves, it’s a nightmare but done by a professional it is a much pleasant experience. My friend just recently decided to try and wax those microscopic hairs that many women have on the side of the face near the sideburns. She ended up with these hideous spots that she tries to cover using foundation, but by doing so she has made her skin worse. Waxing the face is just too harsh for the skin and in most cases you can’t see the hairs so it’s best just bleaching.

As an experiment, when I was younger I used my sister as a guinea pig and I did a patch test on her leg with some hot wax suitable for home use. I wanted to see if it hurt and if all the hairs would come off. It did, 10 years later the area where I waxed has not grown hair back since.

Shaving is so convenient you can do it when you like regardless of hair length, but I have found that when shaving hair does grow back thicker, but many would dispute this.

Neither I nor any of my friends like hair removal cream because we find it doesn’t remove all the hair; it really smells and it leaves legs stubbly more than smooth.

I have owned an epilator for many years but I only used it twice. It cost me £70 so I recently decided to try it again. It came with an ice pack that you store in the freezer and put on the area that needs epilating. It then numbs the area. I don’t really find using the ice pack works so I don’t use it.

It really hurts to epilate and if you can’t stand eye-watering pain then it’s not for you. It works really well on the legs. I have also done my bikini line which was really brave but I don’t advise it as it really hurts but the hair grew back very fine.

Epilating also removes the short hairs you can’t really see. The downside of epilating is when the hair grows back, no matter how much you exfoliate, you still get loads of ingrown hairs. My sister also experienced the same problem.

Just recently I decided to try and epilate my underarms although it was very awkward to begin with and painful. It bled a lot and was really sore afterwards. After trying it just once, the hairs have grown back very fine and it is my most preferred method for removing hair underarms.