Cat eye infection treatment

If you have a pet you will know how easy and common it is for cats to develop eye infections. Mostly they start off being dry and sore with the entire eye turning red. Eventually the eye will then start to water and may also leak out some smelly discharge that most often will be a yellow colour.

Cat eye infection treatment

All pets are expensive to treat if you do not have adequate insurance cover, so the initial consultation with the vet has to be paid for and any medicine required to treat the infection also needs to be purchased at the vetinary practice.

Initial consultations can cost as little as £15 or as much as £80 depending on the level of experience of the vet and area in which you live in. All the vet will do is inspect you cats’ poorly eye and then prescribe the appropriate medication to treat it. In this case you will almost certainly get some eye drops and if the eye is severely infected a round of antibiotics may also be prescribed. The eye drops to treat a cat eye infection can cost up to £26 and antibiotics for cat eye infections can also cost the same. The total for taking your cat to the vet and buying medicine to treat the infection can cost a staggering £132 and don’t forget that the vet will advise you come back in a week’s time for an unnecessary check up that you will also have to fork out.

How to treat cat eye infection cheap?

I recently had a cat with an eye infection – it looks like he got into a fight or scratched the inner part of the eyelid. He could barely open up his eye due to the sticky discharge that was oozing out the cut, the eye was also inflamed and looked very painful. It was a bank holiday weekend and I couldn’t decide whether I should take him to an out hours vet and be charged an extortionate rate or try and treat him myself. I would never use human medicine on my cat as I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him because of my actions so I decided to use my sterile contact lens solution to clean his eye out three times a day. After three days I’m glad to report that his eye infection had gone and he was back to being his normal self within days. Another alternative if you don’t have contact lens solution is to boil water and let it cool so then it becomes sterile and safe to use to treat your pet.

By opting to treat my beloved cat myself I saved a great deal of money that will come in handy for a forthcoming holiday, a week later my other cat developed the same eye infection. Needless to say I treated his cat eye infection the same way I treated the other and they are now happy and healthy with no trace of the eye infection returning.

Cat neutering

As kittens get older you may choose to have them neutered also known as spayed and castration. For female kittens this prevents pregnancies and in male kittens, this stops them from spraying all over the house marking their territory.

I have found that if you have a female kitten and she is not allowed to have a litter of her own, she will grow up resentful and unaffectionate. I have had 3 of my own who were like this and many friends who have said the same.

Female neutering in kittens and cats

Having a female cat or kitten neutered is usually more expensive than a male. The kitten or cat will have to be brought in usually before 9am and collected during the late afternoon depending on when surgery was taken place and recovery time.  After surgery has taken place she will have a cone placed round her neck to prevent her from licking and scratching the wound, the area that was cut into will also be shaved and a stitch will clearly be visible.  It is advisable to keep her indoors a few weeks prior to the operation and a week after the operation has taken place. Within 7-10 days the stitches and the cone will be removed and she will be free to clean herself. The cost for neutering female kittens from the age of 6 months is £38 – £75; shop around for a good deal.

Male castration in kittens and cats

Male cats and kittens are castrated because they tend to spray to mark their territory when they get older; it can also calm down aggressive cats. Castrating cats mean removing their testicles and this procedure is not reversible. As well as stopping cats from spraying, it will prevent any unwanted litter of kittens, infections and diseases and will stop your cat from wandering away from home too often. A collar will be needed when the operation is over to prevent the wound from being licked; it is advisable to keep pets indoors whilst the wound heals. The cost for castrating kittens from the age of 6 months is £34 – £60. Call all your local vets and compare prices and you will find that they can vary a lot.

Whilst you are getting your kittens neutered or castrated, it may be worth considering micro chipping. Most places offer a discount if you have the both procedures together. It’s well worth it so your cherished pet doesn’t get lost or stolen.

Cat Vaccinations

Having just recently adopted to little male kittens the most important thing I needed to think about for their health in future was whether or not to let them have a cat vaccine. Protecting your new pet kitten or cat will prevent unwanted illnesses and expensive medicines as well as unnecessary suffering.

What do cat vaccinations protect against?

Cat vaccines protect a wide range of illnesses that can be harmful and cause death in kittens and cats. Cat vaccinations protect against:

Feline leukemia is only needed to be protected against if you have an outdoor cat; the virus is caught from bites and saliva. Most cats die within 3 years of diagnosis

FIE also know as feline infectious enteritis which is a very severe gut infection

Cat ‘flu’ there is only two types of the flu virus that the vaccine can protect against FHV-1 and FCV due to there being different strains the vaccination cannot protect against all of them

Vaccinations are given in two stages as the first is a low dose to help kick start your kittens immune system. By getting the second vaccination the kitten will then be fully protected against the illnesses that your chosen vaccine will protect against. Remember it takes between 7-14 days for your kitten to be fully vaccinated and during this time you are advised to keep kittens indoors.

Cat vaccination schedule

Kittens need the first of two vaccinations from the age of 9 weeks and the second should follow at 12 weeks. Remember yearly booster vaccinations will keep your pet healthy and protect from harmful diseases.

Whilst you are at your vets for your kitten’s first vaccination they may also mention flea medicine and deworming to help keep your kitten healthy. Be careful if you decide to purchase flea medicine online just because it’s cheaper it doesn’t mean its better there are reports that they can be too powerful and cause kittens to lose their fur.

Cat vaccination side effects

All veterinarians advise you to have a booster injection every year to top up cats immune systems but few will agree that this is actually necessary. There are many people who believe in over vaccinating including vets, so choose to only vaccinate every few years or so. This is a personal choice as a cat vaccination cost can start from £37 and rising to as much as £80. I called at least 10 different places before deciding on a veterinarian to treat my two kittens, I wanted them to be friendly and know what they were talking about so I didn’t go for the cheapest but who I thought knew what they were talking about. Before calling it’s good to do some research to know a bit about the questions you may have, all vets vary about queries asked.

Buying a cat toy

Boredom is unwanted for humans as it is for cats and one way to fight this is to have toys to play with. When you as the owner use cat toys to play with your pets, it bonds you more to them and will be exciting both for the cat as it will be for you. So let’s have a look at some cheap cat toys that you can buy for your kittens/cats.

Laser Chase Cat Toy

This unique cat toy will drive your cat or kitten crazy. You press a button on the Laser Chase Cat Toy and it will project a beam where you are focusing. When your cat sees a red light on the floor (coming from the beam of your gadget), it will immediately try to capture it and the hunting will begin for your pet cat. It is an excellent way to make your cat exercise a bit, sharpen their reactions and stop their boredom. You will get around 12 shapes from this interactive cat toy to amuse your pet. Most people who’ve bought this toy have said that their cats love it and they are overwhelmed when they see their cats jump around trying to catch the moving beam. Cost around £4.99.

Mouse Cat Toy

We all know that cats like chasing mice from watching cartoons and this is an ideal cheap cat toy. Costing around £2.50, this mouse cat toy will make a squeaky sound when it is moved, giving the impression that it is real to the cat. Some of the mouse cat toys even have catnip (a herb that attracts cats) inside and it will automatically draw attention to itself even if you have a lazy cat. You can get them in different shapes, sizes and colours with different furs as well.

Ball Cat Toys

This has to be the most popular cat toys of all. Starting from £1.50, you can get like 4 Pompom Balls per pack containing a small stash of catnip which will attract your cats and make them play with the balls. Some other ball cat toys include the Zig-Zag ball which moves around in no pre-defined path and will entertain your cats/kittens by making them want to get hold of them or throw them round even more.

Cat Scratching Post

If you have cats, you will know how much they like to scratch on the carpets, the sofa, actually anything really. However this leaves scratches everywhere and although you love cats/kittens to bits, you would not like them scratching all over the place. The solution is to buy a fun cat scratching post. You can get a good one for about £15 which comes with a ball at the top for you cats to play with. So it is not only for scratching but you will see your cats playing with the ball on the cat scratching post also and it is well worth the price to be quite honest.

House training a cat

Kittens should be trained at an early age to use their litter box as its hard to teach them later in life.

Find an area that isn’t so out in the open. You’ll be surprised but like people cats need privacy and will be reluctant to go if someone is watching.

Make sure that they know where the litter tray is, it might be a while before they get used to it and try to stick to the same cat litter because they rely on their sense of smell.

If you wake up in the morning and you see that they have done a poo behind the TV make sure you tell them off they need to know the difference between right and wrong. It might deter them from doing it again in future.

I think doing a poo behind the TV, sofa, furniture and under the bed are the most common places that cats like to poo. You can buy deterrent sprays from pet shops that will stop them from coming on the couch and going to certain areas you don’t want them to.

The safest way to deter cats is to scatter citrus fruit skin they don’t like the smell, it’s better doing this in the garden as you’re sure they won’t mess up your plants and the fruit skin will disintegrate into the soil.

When it comes to indoors I’m not so sure you’d like the smell of citrus lingering, you’ll also have to throw away the skin every few days because they will dry up and this can be a nuisance.

I have found that for the first year to two years they will use a litter tray after that they get more adventurous as they explore and they will do it outside.

Make sure you have a cat flap it’s better because they won’t need to bother you when they want to go outside and you won’t find any nasty surprises when you get up in the morning.
Cat poo can be smelly but it is good for plants. If you find some near your flowers just dig a little hole and it’ll make your plants grow better.

It’s natural for cats to poo outside, so encourage them to do so.

Why is cat insurance important these days?

I have 3 cats at home and it feels really good to look after them as they are all amazing animals and very intelligent. I love them all equally and they are littered trained, so they do their business outside. However a while before that they were very naughty babies since they would poo behind the TV but now when I look back, it makes me laugh.

One of my cats is very attached to me and he sometimes follow me everywhere I go. He will even follow me all the way to the toilet, get inside as well and watch me. It’s really funny and I found out that he really likes me and I have never known any animal to do such a thing. He sometimes comes to me at night at around 10-11pm and tells me in his own way that he is sleepy. So I will then go to my room and he will follow me all the way there and jump on to my bed and wait until I’m under my covers for him to come and sleep next to me. He is so sweet and I love that cat so much and I bet any one of you who has a pet you will know how it feels to care for an animal.

Anyway, my cat once fractured his right paw. He was limping badly and I was very scared because I’ve never seen him like that before. He was in so much pain that I had to bring him to a veterinary (vet) which is just round the corner where I live. He had to have an x-ray and they then found out he fractured his paw so they had put a Band-Aid on his paw and gave him a pain relief and anti-biotic. I had to pay £230 and I was really shocked. I knew it wouldn’t come cheap, especially when your pet is being treated by a vet ,but I wished I had taken cat insurance for him as it would have covered for the vet costs and not come out of my own pockets. Basic cat insurance starts at £5 a month and that’s nothing compared to what I had to pay because in a year it would add up to a total of £60 and i would have saved like £170 in all. So my advice to all cat lovers is to make sure that you have your cats insured so that you don’t end up paying huge vet bills in case something happens to your pet. You never know when something bad will happen until it really does happen and knowing your pet cat is insured is peace of mind. Anyway, after 4 weeks his paw recovered and he was able to jump fine and land on his right paw perfectly fine and I’m so happy to see him back to normal now. Ohh, and i forgot to tell you that now i have cat insurance for my little friend as we don’t know what the future holds, but fingers crossed he should be all right hereafter.