Celebrity fitness DVD, best and worst

As the part season approaches many women are more laid back when it comes to following their diets or even attending the gym regularly. The beginning of the year will see many people who have overindulged heading over to the gym or looking to sign up to shift some of the extra pies they consumed during the winter months. For many of us going to the gym or even following a strict diet is very hard with a job and family to balance so many working women will opt for an exercise DVD. The most popular method of losing weight is looking to our much publicised celebrity dieters and doing what they did to get that dream body.

Over the next few weeks there will be an increase in celebrity fitness DVD’s as there seem to be too many to choose from. Celebrities such as former GMTV weather girl Claire Nasir, former Eastender Nadia Sawalha and Kerry Katona have all also just released new fitness DVD’s in time for Christmas and New Year. With so many to choose from which ones actually work and which ones are the ones to avoid, we put them to the test.

I would say at first glance I would not trust the extreme weight loss pictures too much as they look too extreme, the before and after pictures that were the most extreme were, Hannah Waterman, Claire Nasir, Nadia Sawalha, Claire Richards and Natalie Cassidy. Most of these women are naturally big anyway but some like Claire Richards from steps just gained a little too much weight after having a baby. Women who are naturally slim such as Katie Price, Danielle Lloyd and Geri Halliwell do not have much work to do to maintain their shape anyway so I don’t understand the point of a fitness DVD.

The best selling Fitness DVD chosen by women who have tried it and stuck to it went to Davina McCall, the majority of women found it easy to follow and found that they managed to lose weight and tone up with minimal effort. The worst DVD unsurprisingly went to Natalie Cassidy, I’m not surprised as she lost too much weight in such a short period of time then put it all back on again even quicker!

The best thing to do when choosing a celebrity work out DVD is to read the reviews and see what people have to say about it, don’t go by what you see on the cover as a lot of it is airbrushed to look even more appealing.


Capsilex chilli diet pil

We’ve heard it all before right? A diet pill that promises to help shift unwanted pounds but in most cases you also need to exercise to help work off some fat the diet pill will then help you lose a further few pounds depending on how much weight you need to lose. As we age our bodies take longer to speed up the process of losing weight, the first few pounds are easy but the next few are very hard to shift. As we get older our metabolism slows down so we need to watch what we eat, even if it meant that in our younger years we were able to eat anything and keep the weight off, the chances are the effect is reversed as we age.

Capsilex chilli diet pill

So what’s so great about this diet pill anyway? To start off with it is a natural substance that contains no artificial colourings or flavours. Using the age old method of using spicy foods to lose weight, Capsilex is made with chilli. Chilli is well known to speed up calorie burning and increase oxygen when exercising; it says that one pill can also help burn up to 3 times more calories than those who do not take it. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez have also endorsed this product and helped them shift some unwanted weight. As we know Jennifer Lopez has a figure to die for but after the birth of her twins now two she needed an extra hand to help lose some of the baby weight.

Like all over the counter diet pills they also have some side effects so it’s well worth researching before buying. The most common side effect from taking Capsilex is turning red and heating up. Some people have also reported shortness of breath and tight chests due to taking this medicine. It’s also worth noting that if you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or adverse reactions to spicy food that this pill should not be taken. At over £30 for a month’s supply it would be a waste to spend money on a product that is not suited to you.

Before taking Capsilex try losing some weight on your own, if you do not succeed then seek medical advice from your GP you may have an underlying problem that prevents you from losing weight such as an underactive thyroid. For those who just need some help to lose the last few pounds that are stubborn to shift take this pill only as a last result and with caution. Like all diet pills they are only a short term solution, you will need to find a more permanent long term solution to your problem with weight gain, do not rely on Capsilex as a long term solution to weight loss.

If you choose to buy this diet pill purchase it directly from the source as there have been many reports that fake imitations are being sold by online drug store and also eBay. If you buy fake medicines you are at risk of causing further damage to internal organs and health so be safe not sorry.


How to put on weight healthily and steadily?

The majority of people would like to lose a few pounds but there are a small minority of people who would like to gain weight. The idea of gaining weight for most people is a ghastly thought but for those who need the extra pounds, this could be due to health reasons or medical problems. Many men and women are naturally slim but in some cases this is not the desired look.

Why would someone want to put on weight?

As you may well know the size zero look is well on its way out with London Fashion Week also doing its bit by selecting women who are naturally slim and not too skinny with a healthy BMI (body mass index). Below are some reasons why someone would want to gain a few pounds:

  • Women may need to put on weight to conceive, for example, it’s a well known fact that if you are so skinny that you no longer menstruate, this can cause you to be infertile.
  • A naturally skinny person may need to put on some weight for a wedding or other special occasion so that clothes will fit better and look nicer.
  • Sometimes by being too skinny you may be underweight for your height and weight meaning you could be putting your body through serious damage.
  • For some people medication that has been prescribed for long term use can also speed up your metabolism meaning you can eat what you want and not put on any weight.
  • Men sometimes need to put on weight in the right places so they don’t look so odd; women like men who have a bit of meat on them so they aren’t hugging a pile of bones.
  • Also by being too skinny you may find that you have little or no energy and your body needs fuel to keep going and without this you’d just crash and burn.

There are some people who just eat, eat and eat and still don’t put on any weight and whilst most people would envy this, in some cases these people would love nothing more than to gain some weight. By eating all fatty foods and junk food, this will only make you sick and give you skin and digestive problems. To put on weight healthily and slowly, you need to have a diet plan that works for you. For example try eating little and often rather than 3 larger meals a day; this will mean you are having a steady source of energy constantly throughout the day and you are much more likely to be alert.

What foods to eat to aid weight gain?

Keep away from stodgy foods that have been deep fried or are immersed in oil. If you must eat unhealthily, eat snacks like crisps, fizzy drinks and cakes but remember to keep the intake to a minimum. You can eat foods such as rice, bread, potatoes, pulses, vegetable pasta as well. As you enter your weight gain diet plan, you will find what foods give you more energy and lift your mood rather than leaving you feeling down.

Last Minute Bikini Body Confidence

With bad weather set to spoil what should be the summer, I take a look at how to cheat a bikini diet?

It’s half term and it’s August and we should be sun bathing ourselves in temperatures above 25C instead there has been rain, wind and unpredictable sunshine. I know most people hadn’t been planning for holidays this summer as earlier in the year it was predicted ‘Summer 2009 would be a scorcher’. As we are nearing September the weather predictions couldn’t be more wrong.

How to cheat a bikini diet?

There are a few ways to cheat your bikini diet and some of them are discussed here:

  • Mini liposuction (also known as mini lipo) has been around for a few years and is only for people who are close to their ideal weight. Not much fat is removed so it’s only for people who need just a little bit of help to get into shape. Prices for mini lipo will vary but the great thing about it is you don’t need to take time off from work because it’s not as invasive as full liposuction.
  • You can also try body wraps – you can buy one and do it yourself at home or go to a beauty salon and have a therapist do it for you. You can lose a few inches on targeted areas so there’s no need to starve yourself thin. For most body wraps, you may need to have a course for them to be effective. So if you have a spur of the moment decision to go on holiday, you can also take them with you.
  • Have you ever thought on cheating with swimwear? There are many swimsuits that tuck in the tummy area if that’s your targeted area. If not, why not try a control bikini pants. They work by creating the illusion of a toned body when in fact it’s just tucking it all in.

If all else fail, then why not try a liquid diet! It’s a last resort but if you are going away and leave it to the last minute then by cutting down for a week you’d be surprised how much weight you can lose.

Although I don’t advise liquid or crash dieting, I have found that this is the solution for last minute bikini body confidence.

Do weight loss pills really work?

Diet pills have been around for a long time but since Alli was introduced in June 2009 we talk about the dangers and side effects of using prescription diet pills and over the counter diet pills to combat obesity and unhealthy eating. Alli has been available over the counter since 2007 in America only, Alli is not a new weight loss pill it is just a lower dose of Orlistat that has been around for decades.

Most weight loss pills are for overweight adults with BMI 28+ it should not be prescribed to anyone under the age of 18 but this does not mean that by taking diet pills that your diet can be abused. Over the counter diet pills like Alli can be bought for £20-50 for a month’s supply, I have found you can but diet pills online for up to a third off over the internet, saying this I wouldn’t trust buying weight loss pills over the internet as most are found to be fake and can seriously damage your health.

Alli diet pills work by blocking the fat content in food from being absorbed by the body, but if you choose to use diet pills it is recommended that you change your diet and adopt a healthy exercise routine as well. If the meal you are about to have contains fat then you take a pill if there is no fat then there is no need to take a pill. The pill stops the fat from being absorbed so this in turn is excreted, you may find that it is very runny and oil like. This is normal but the oil does not flush well so the toilet bowl will need to be cleaned each time the toilet is used.

Side effects

Like all diet pills and weight loss programmes there are some unwanted side effects to taking diet pills, we highlight the worst ones here:

  • Breaking wind unexpectedly
  • Faecal incontinence
  • Faecal leakage
  • ‘Oil’ stains in underwear
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach cramps
  • There may be times where you have the urge to go so suddenly that you don’t make it to the toilet.

Before even considering taking a diet pill ask yourself if you really need it, most people can achieve fantastic results by applying self discipline.

Disadvantages to using diet pills

Diet pills are not intended for long term use, they vary but some of them only advise you to use them for up to 6 months. A down side to diet pills are you may become reliant on them thinking you can eat whatever you want and not put on any weight, this is the reason why GP’s are not prescribing diet pills anymore.

Appetite suppressants

While weight loss pills like Alli block fat from being absorbed there are diet pills that suppress the appetite like phentermine diet pills, the main ingredient in making this pill is amphetamines which then releases a chemical in the brain telling you that you are full.

The side effects of appetite suppressants are mood swings, chest pains and an irregular heartbeat. It is also possible to overdose on these pills causing problems like blurred vision, vomiting, seizures and hallucinations. Many appetite suppressants become highly addictive and withdrawal symptoms include nausea headaches and convulsions when trying to stop.

Before taking a decision to take diets pills consult your doctor in most cases you’ll find that you don’t need them but if you do weigh out the good against the bad as research has led me to believe that the side effect are just not worth it.

Exercise using Wii Fit

As we all know nearly every child in the UK has a games console, we as adults can also benefit from this. On the 25th April 2008 Wii by Sony launched the Wii Fit. After waiting nearly a year I finally bought one, every time I went to buy it, it was always sold out.

Doing exercise shouldn’t be a chore, it should be varied and exciting, I have a holiday coming up and find that it motivates me to get in shape. The Wii Fit board is excellent it is so much fun that the whole family fights over it.

When you first use it, it measures your BMI (body mass index) and tells you if you are overweight, then you can do fitness tests to find your fitness age (the youngest you can be is 20). You can also see how much you weigh and work towards a sensible goal to lose some weight. It becomes very addictive to see if you have lost any weight.

When I exercise at home I enjoy doing aerobics, skipping and hula hoop, on Wii Fit you can do step aerobics and hula hoop. When you do the step aerobics its actually quite fun because instead of stepping on and off you follow steps to a routine so you don’t realise your actually exercising.

You can even jog, you put the Wii controller in your pocket or you hold it in your hand and jog on the spot, i find it better to jog around the room as standing in one place makes the exercise never ending. You can do nearly everything on the Wii Fit board, you can do balance games to help improve co-ordination, Yoga to help with posture and wellbeing and even muscle workouts to help tone abdominal muscles, arms legs and bum.

If you want or need to get in shape I highly recommend the Wii Fit, ever since I have bought one everyone I know wants a go, we all get very competitive but its so much fun.


Organic food

With rising food prices it’s easy to see why many families are struggling to cook a healthy meal. It’s much easier and cheaper to buy chips and put them in the oven rather than sitting down to a nutritious meal. Saying this many new mothers are very concerned about what they give their children to eat, 70% of baby food is now organic.

Organic food is much smaller in comparison to non-organic food because they are pumped with growth hormones to make them grow bigger and faster. Although there is no scientific evidence to say that organic food tastes better and is more nutritious, it’s more of a lifestyle choice. There are some foods that have shown to produce more mineral and antioxidants such as vitamin C, these are potatoes, kiwi, carrots, lettuce, spinach and cabbage.

How much does organic food cost?

Organic food is expensive; it costs about 10 – 40% more than non-organic food. You pay more because the food contains no artificial colours, flavouring or growth hormones, more care and time is taken on organic produce to make sure that it is chemical free. Natural methods are used for pest control unlike pellets that can harm small pets if eaten.

Just because organic foods cost more don’t be put off by the price. There are ways to make most food last longer organic or not. Put vegetables in the drawer of the fridge to make them last longer, wrap herbs in newspaper and also put in the fridge drawer. Put potatoes in a lined basket of newspaper to make them last longer. Most importantly, only buy what you need, make a weekly food plan so food isn’t wasted.

Grow your own organic food

If buying organic food is still too expensive, with careful planning you can grow your own. There are ways to grow your own vegetables even if you have a courtyard style garden. Many places now sell grow bags that have natural fertilisers that allow you to plant in the bag without the need to transfer into pots or the soil. You can even make your own grow bags by using leftover food as compost, the natural minerals and antioxidants in food will help fruit and vegetables grow naturally.  Potatoes are the easiest to grow as they grow under the soil and you can dig them up after just a few months.

There’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own organic food, it’s cheap, easy and tastes much better too, give it a try and share your tips with the growing organic conscious community.


Do exercise machines really work?

There are loads of exercise aids to help people lose weight through easy exercise. They range in price from £10 – £150, the price will differ due to type of machine used and areas you wish to target.

These are things like toning discs that are round and you use your body to swing side to size to improve muscle tone and tighten abdominal muscles. Others include treadmills, multi gyms and rowing machines.

When it comes down to choosing there is just too much choice, even if it seems like a good price and the adverts look good don’t be fooled you may have failed to notice in the advertisement that the ‘look’ is only achievable with a good diet as well as exercise. Many of these ‘home gyms’ also come with a sensible eating plan to help with weight loss and toning muscle.

Be warned many people make the mistake of buying exercise equipment and not really using it which means you’ve wasted a few hundred pounds on unnecessary equipment that will only take up room in the cupboard or under the bed.


It’s easy to get hooked on the advertisements that show perfectly toned women doing easy exercise and want to get the same look. People forget that these women did not get toned overnight they have been doing it for years. So to think you can go from a UK size 18 to 10 in just one month is just ridiculous. With commitment and sensible eating it can be achievable within six months.

Beware of crash dieting and exercise combined, this is unhealthy and can cause serious health complications as you body has to rapidly adjust to changes. It’s best to start slow and then increase the pace of exercise giving your body the chance to get used to changes slowly. Once you’ve adapted to sensible eating and exercise it will be a way of life as you will learn to eat the right foods without feeling the hunger pangs.

Remember there are lots of sites you can go for reviews so before spending a fortune on an exercise aid find out if it really does what it says. If not try it for a week and if there is no change return it within 28 days to get a full refund.


What are the dangers of being size zero?

Over the past year, there have been numerous programmes about the ‘size zero trend’. This has been around for decades nowadays and there are rehab centres that can help with the problem, but many still have to be force-fed.

There have also been many celebrities who have succumbed to the size zero trend but have taken action by going into rehab to seek help and counselling. It’s not surprising that the number of young teenagers today want to be excruciatingly skinny as in most magazines, TV adverts and even films most of the women look perfect.  

Many people who are suffering with this problem are setting up their own websites and blogs to offer advice and support for people wanting to starve themselves. These are called ‘pro ana’ sites; many people affected by anorexia in the past but have since recovered are trying to get these websites shut down but so far they haven’t been very successful. 

What is the difference between anorexia and bulimia?

People with anorexia lose an extreme amount of weight in a short time due to very strict dieting and excessive exercise. Bulimia is when you want food, binge eat and them make yourself sick or use laxatives. Bulimia sufferers are scared of becoming fat even though they are not.

People do not realise the dangers of trying to be size zero. The body needs a balanced diet for it to function properly and healthily and this also includes fat. Just because we cut out all fats from food doesn’t mean we won’t put on weight – other factors like eating excessive amounts of fruits have also said to make you put on weight.

If you want healthy teeth, nails and bones, milk is essential but many people believe it makes you put on weight. One glass a day is enough for you to ensure you don’t develop osteoporosis later in life or get loose teeth and semi-skimmed milk is just as good.

Not eating the right foods will also make your hair fall out leaving bald patches. If treatment is sought early then the chances of hair returning back is hopeful. Starving can also lead to changes in hormones – a lot of women who don’t eat properly will stop having periods altogether which will lead to infertility. If you don’t eat properly you’ll also find that you get tired easily and no matter how much you sleep, you will always feel drained.

Overall size zero is not the look to go for, women come in all shapes and sizes, you just need to find the right weight for you to be happy.

Numerous men have been asked time and time again and the answer is still the same, men don’t like the pencil thin look, curves are what makes a women, so flaunt it, don’t daunt it.