Safestix for dogs the alternative to fetching sticks

We all know the huge commitments we need to make when we adopt an animal, although cats can be trained to go toilet outside dogs on the other hand need to be taken for walks on a daily basis. Cats will bury their excrement where dogs will just leave it on show; dogs will dig to bury bones and other goodies so they can find them at a later stage. This is one of the main reasons some families are reluctant to buy a puppy or dog because taking them for walks once or even twice daily can be very hectic when you have children.

Dogs are not like cats they need more discipline and interaction as well as encouragement to exercise more whereas cats are independent and will come and go as they please. Dogs love to chase and catch balls and sticks but some of the more adventurous ones will hunt down huge branches that have fallen down from the trees. You will often seen dogs and their owners going for walks and chasing balls and sticks but do you know the hidden dangers of playing fetch with your loved one?

In recent years injuries caused by playing fetch have soared, dogs have had their jaws nearly ripped off, splinters in the mouth and also very painful cuts and scrapes inside the mouth. The cause of all this is chasing sticks and branches. Many dog owners do not realise just how dangerous they are and to what extent damage can be caused. This is why a dog owner has come up with a safe way for dogs to play fetch with no risk of injury.

Rubber Safestix for dogs

Did you know that you could pay up to £1,500 for treatment if your dog was injured while playing fetch, x-rays for the mouth and treatment will soon be expensive if you don’t have insurance and that is exactly what one dog owner found out when he took his dog out for a walk. An army sergeant was left distressed when his beloved Jack Russell ended up with serious injuries to his mouth whilst playing fetch. As a result of this he invented Safestix a 2ft long rubber stick that is used to play fetch with. It has so far been a success with other dog owners coming forth to talk about their bad experiences with playing fetch with sticks.

Safestix has been approved by the Royal Veterinary College and is supported by vets, at the cost of £14.99 not enough people have bought it yet for it to be reviewed. If you have one then leave your thoughts here today by submitting a comment.


New dog painting craze

You no longer need to go to a zoo or deep into the forest to catch a glimpse of a tiger in China nowadays, you may come across one while walking down the street itself! But there is no need to be afraid; it is only a dog that has been dyed to look exactly like a tiger!

Dog dyeing which already exists in Korea and Japan is now turning the Chinese crazy, who are fast to catch up. Nevertheless this business is reserved mostly for the rich who can afford to dye their dogs wholly at a price of $300. The dogs are taken to spas alongside their masters and while these get a tan, the dogs are dyed and pampered to look like any creature that their masters may want: tigers, pandas, turtles. In a downtown spa in Beijing, there is even a turtle looking dog called Raphael after one of the lead characters in the ninja turtles cartoon!

Many people are for this business because they believe that their dogs should be treated and pampered just as them. The dye job is supposed to be done using natural dyes that do not endanger the animal’s health in any way. People like it when heads turn around when they are walking their tiger dogs down the road or when crowds gather around the animal to pet and cuddle it. Some even say that this new attention has boosted the confidence of their animals.

Animal lovers conversely are outraged by this behaviour. It seems like the dogs are just creatures that do not deserve respect and can be treated as we humans want. While some people say that their dogs will not stay still for simple nail cutting it must be hell to endure trimming and dyeing, that would seem to stretch on forever for the poor animals. Others still say that the world is turning natural creatures into human made clowns. It is questionable whether these practices affect the mental and physical health of the animals also.

The tiger dogs are so popular in China today because it is the year of the tiger and also based on the Chinese’s horoscope, dogs and tigers are very compatible in the sense that the tiger appreciates the dog’s loyalty and that the dog understands the tiger’s impatience. So next year get ready to see rabbits swarming around the roads in China which will be the year of the rabbit!

Dogs being abandoned during recession

As we have all heard, during the recession many pet owners have found that they can no longer afford to feed and care for their dogs. All small animals are essentially affected but dogs are more at risk at the moment. Dogs do have larger veterinary bills; they eat more and require a lot of exercise and attention. Although dog insurance is relatively cheap (starting around £10 a month) many families just don’t have that extra cash to stump up every month.

As a result of dog owners not being able to care for their pets, dogs are reproducing as many families can’t afford to have them neutered; because of this they are then being abandoned or given in to the rescue centres. The RSPCA are reportedly receiving a phone call every hour about an abandoned dog. As the RSPCA are an independent organisation that relies heavily on donations and monthly sponsors, they are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the demands.

How can we help the RSPCA with abandoned dogs?

  • If you can spare some time then volunteer; it also looks good on your CV and professional portfolio. Even if you can only spare a few hours a week it makes all the difference.
  • Donate some money – if you have some spare money left over at the end of the month donate it to the RSPCA; if you can commit yourself then why not set up a standing order and make it a monthly donation.
  • If you or a family member decides they want a pet, don’t buy one go to a rescue centre and adopt; not only will they have had all vaccinations up to date but they will be neutered too.
  • Encourage family members to get pets only if they can afford to look after them and commit long term; never encourage someone to give a pet as a present.

Having pets whether it’s a small cat or large dog does have financial implications such as food, hygiene and medical bills but they don’t have to bear such a heavy burden. By planning and shopping around for food you can buy in bulk and save a lot of money. Take out health insurance for your pet too, this will avoid any nasty shocks if your pet falls ill or gets into an accident. You can also save money by buying flea and tick medicines from an online veterinary dispenser. By taking these steps you can prevent the abandonment of all animals but most importantly dogs.

Designer Dog Collars

All dogs have collars and leads, so why should you settle for a basic common design when you could stand out from the crowd with a designer dog collar. Designer dog collars come in all shapes and sizes and besides from looking really stylish and in fashion, they are really comfortable too. Gone are the days when dog owners settle for cheap and common collars because designer ones aren’t as expensive as they may sound.

A popular place for designer pet accessories is Harrods and having shopped there for my own pets, it’s really not as expensive as you may think. If there is a particular design you would like and it’s not available, just contact the designer and for a little extra money, they could custom make it for you.

Where to buy designer dog collars?

As the demand for designer dog collars have grown in recent years, there are shops that cater for the needs of these specific customers. The best place to find out where they are being sold is by searching on the internet as you may find a shop close to you. It’s always advisable to see what you’re purchasing rather than buying blindly over the internet. By going to a shop you can check its quality, design and authenticity. As your dog will be wearing his collar all day, you want one that not only looks good but is also comfortable. As we spend so much money on ourselves, it only makes sense to treat our beloved pets every now and again too. As dogs are very obedient animals and rely heavily on their owners, the chances of their designer collar getting lost is very slim. If you buy a very expensive dog collar, then you may want your pet dog to wear it only on special occasions but if you don’t mind your dog wearing it all the time be careful though. Depending which area you live in, you may attract too much unwanted attention on you and your pet.

Depending on the size of the collar and design, designer dog collars can cost as little as £20 or as much as £80 but in most cases the chances of other dogs having the same collar as your pets are very slim. Just like you don’t want to be seen wearing the same clothes as your buddies when you go out, it’s the same for dogs. They are pets and they need to be pampered every now and then and it’s little things like these which makes them stand out from the crowd and shows your appreciation for them.


Cocker Spaniel Puppies

One of the most popular breeds of dog that the elderly like is cocker spaniel puppies. Not only are they small and cute but they are very friendly with a good temperament. Cocker spaniels were first introduced in the 1800’s and are still a popular choice today. Cocker spaniel puppies love to play and are full of energy, this is why families also like cocker spaniels. They are most known for their shiny glossy coat and this is why you will see so many entered in dog shows. Cocker spaniel puppies are known as very sensitive, so when it comes to discipline, try not to be too hard on them. Disobedient training is also not needed so much as they are very quick learners and obey commands easily. Cocker spaniels are classed as medium sized dogs with a life span of 10 -16 years.

Cocker spaniel puppies will later develop a thick and shiny coat which will require brushing every couple of days to maintain its healthy shine. Cocker spaniels are about average when it comes to shedding hair but if you want it to prevent this, then they may need to be trimmed every so often to prevent the coat from shedding. Cocker spaniels are also friendly when it comes to interacting with other pets, so if you already have other animals, a cocker spaniel puppy will be a great addition.

Another factor that could change your mind when it comes to buying cocker spaniel puppies is that it’s well known to have health issues. Illnesses such as alopecia, corneal dystrophy, hip dysplasia, lipomas, retinal dysplasia, epilepsy, blocked tear ducts are just some to name a few. Having health ailments will also make the puppy expensive to insure and insurance is vital if you want the best for your puppy.

If you still decide to buy a cocker spaniel puppy, you won’t be disappointed; just remember to see the puppy with its mother and other siblings before you purchase. Also make sure you buy from a Kennel Club registered breeder This means your new puppy will come with documentation stating who their parents, grandparents are etc. If your puppy’s brothers and sisters look happy and healthy, then you can be sure that the puppy you will adopt will be too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the mother and check the area they have been brought up in as this can make a big difference when bringing your new cocker spaniel puppy home.

A good thing about the cocker spaniel is that it doesn’t require a lot of exercise just moderate. So it’s perfect for a young family or an elderly person looking for some company. Just taking your new puppy for a light walk is sufficient for it but the latter may have other ideas as they are very energetic and love to play.

How to choose a pet dog

Deciding on what dog to have is a very difficult decision. There are too many breeds to talk about and it really depends on what you’re looking for. There are dogs which stay really small; there are dogs which grow so big it will be impossible to pick up. There are also some dogs which are just too lazy to do anything and although there are just a handful of these it is worth doing a lot of research. There are many books in the library which can advise you on different breeds of dogs or the easiest place is on the Internet.

When you have decided from the many different breeds of dog that there are, the best place to get one is from a reputable dog breeder and not a pet shop. Dog breeders usually do it for a hobby rather a living and you also get to see the mother and father. You will be able to see if the puppy has been well looked and the condition of the litter. If the place looks messy and smells very foul and it feels wrong then trust your instinct and don’t buy a puppy there. Actually report the owners to the RSCPA.

Remember if you’re buying a puppy they must not be separated from their mother before a minimum of 8 weeks although sometimes they are kept for 10 weeks. Puppies just like human babies rely on their mother’s milk for the first few months and it gives them the best start in life. After 10 weeks they are slowly weaned off and introduced to sloppy food then hard food. Puppies just like human babies will lose their first teeth after the following couple of months.

Puppies will come vaccinated as this is done a few weeks after birth; if you’re buying from a dog breeder you will get a list of vaccinations done with a certificate of when it was vaccinated. It is advisable to have your new puppy checked by a qualified veterinary. Also remember to get a diet sheet from the breeder so you can slowly introduce them to new food if they haven’t already done so.

If you decide that a puppy/dog is what you want then remember that they are just like children, they will require constant care and attention, will need to be fed on time and taken on walks for exercise and mental stimulation.

If you have already had a puppy and would like to give and older or abandoned dog a home, then don’t forget there are lots of rescue centres that are always looking for people to offer a good home. Dogs are just as fun as puppies but less work, they will have been neutered already and are house trained.

Whichever you decide to go for good luck and post your tips and comments below.

Grooming your dog

Having a pet dog is a very satisfying thing in life. A dog is men’s best companion, a very exciting pet which will keep you very active and happy as a dog owner. However you will need to take care of your dog to keep it in good health. That is where dog grooming comes into play. Dog grooming typically involves checking your pet dog’s skin for any sore areas or lumps, fleas, parasites, making sure the eyes and ears are clean, shaping the dog’s coat and giving the pet dog a bath.

It is important to check the ears of your pet dog for wax as this could be a sign of ear mites and you should clean around the ears with a damp cotton wool. Using lukewarm water and a dog shampoo, you can easily bathe your pet but remember to avoid contact with the ears/eyes. If you catch your dog dragging his bottom along the floor, this means it will have to have its anal glands emptied. Unless you really know how to do it, please leave this to a professional groomer as this is a very sensitive area and you wouldn’t want to upset your dog, would you?

Home grooming kits for dogs

Grooming your dog will make you bond more with your pet. If your pet dog is the shy type, you should start by trying to hold its paw or other areas of its body to make it more comfortable with your touch before you start grooming. You will need to give this whole process time and be gentle with your dog to gain its trust- rewarding your pet with dog treats is always helpful by the way.

What things do I need for grooming my dog?

Dog Shampoo, dog conditioner
Dog brushes, dog combs, dog clippers
Dog ear cleaners, dog flea combs, dog nail clippers
Dog grooming sprays, cotton swabs, dog nail clippers

You can buy a dog grooming kit and it will have the most essential things you will need when grooming your dog.

How much does professional dog grooming cost?

If you don’t want the hassle of grooming your own pet dog, then you can hire professional dog grooming services. Basic dog grooming services costs from £25 to £40 depending of the size and breed of your pet dog. The service includes full brush and comb out, minor matt removal, bath in quality shampoo, coat conditioner, drying, clipping, scissor and styling. Additional services like ear cleaning nail/claw trimming & anal glands are charged extra.

House training a dog

Dogs are easier to train compared to cats I think they understand better.

It’s a very different technique training a dog as opposed to cats.

As a puppy the dog breeder may already have introduced toilet training if not then you will need a lot of patience.

As long as you follow the same routine you shouldn’t have any problems. There will be accidents but just like trying to teach a small child to toilet train it’s very hard.

When the puppy gets up in the morning make sure it does a pee, do this by making sure he’s on a few sheets of newspaper. Point and use the same word each time like ‘toilet’ but don’t call him by his name and after he does his business praise him and/or give him a treat.

He will then become familiar with this routine every morning.

You will need to have a few areas with newspaper so he can get used to this idea, always use the same places otherwise he’ll get confused and you’ll be back to square one.

If he doesn’t use the right area you have to tell him by saying firmly ‘NO’ and point to his toilet area.

After he understands you need to introduce him to toilet training outside. Only do this after he has had all his vaccinations and the vet has said it’s safe to do so. Have some newspaper placed outside so he has a place to go.

When he wants to go outside he will let you know by scratching the door.

When out in public remember to carry a plastic bag and some gloves/poo scooper because if you get caught you can be fined if you don’t clear up the mess.

You have to regularly take them for walks, they need the exercise and they need to go toilet. It’s a bigger commitment having a dog compared to smaller animals.